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K-State News: Waiting on Hurricane Dean Edition

I hate being poor and waiting on maddeningly imprecise hurricane path projections, but it gives me a chance to blog.  That said, here are a few things I've come across lately...

Last week I made a quick stop in Manhattan, which was a return visit too long delayed.  It's good to know the food is as good as ever at Coco Bolo's, but I'm not much of a fan of the new student union parking garage.  It's going to double parking fees, snarl parking on campus while it's built, and will only add about 300 student parking spots.  Ahh, progress.

On a more positive note, progression-wise, a new Colbert Hills practice facility is being constructed for the golf teams.  Check out the linked pictures, it looks pretty nice.  Basically, it's an indoor (heated) facility with state-of-the-art video equipment for swing analysis.  Should be a big improvement in helping a North school compete with the fairweathers from the South.

Of course, I was dumb enough not to take my camera with me.  Talk about a double-whammy, I go out to Colbert Hills but don't have time to play, and see this new facility being built but don't have any of my own pictures.  Who goes to their alma-mater and forgets their camera?

Ron Prince and crew held their final open practice today.  Quotes from Prince, Josh Freeman, Jordy Nelson, Rob Jackson, Ian Campbell, Deon Murphy and Chris Patterson are here.  

It was interesting to me that the offensive line's progress was mentioned by both Prince and wide receiver Jordy Nelson.  The both indicate the line is making progress; I do hope to see it.

Here are some other interesting quotes from the interviews...

We have some great new guys in Ernie Pierce and Lamark Brown, and we got them integrated into the philosophy we are running this year.

***Josh Freeman, discussing additions at wide receiver.  If these guys can help to replace Yamon Figurs ability to stretch the field, the offense may not drop off as much as we thought at WR.

Once everybody gets on the same page and everybody knows their assignments and what they’re supposed to do, I think we’ll be really good. We’ve got speed and strength but this defense is kind of complicated, but it’s coming along really well. Once we get on the same page, we should be a really good D-line

***Rob Jackson, DE.  I'm concerned that the defense is still struggling with assignments and the complexity of the 3-4.  Sounds like a lot to work on in the two weeks until the eagle lands in Auburn, Ala.

Here's another YouTube video chronicling the rise of K-State football under Bill Snyder.  I like the incorporation of old radio and TV sound tracks.

The only positive of having the Houston Texans' preseason game on TV today was getting to see Zac Diles play a little.  Keep working hard, Zac, it'd be fun to watch you play over at Reliant.

I plan to put together Bring On The Cats' official Gameday Guide to Manhattan soon.  If you have any suggestions, I will start a diary, you're welcome to add your input.  You have to create an account, but it's easy and free, see the first diary for instructions.