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Trip Down Memory Lane: Tributes to Fanbases

First of all, I decided not to post all of these stories individually because it would have involved a lot of picture transferring and would have taken up a lot of space on this site.  So instead I'm going to link to them below.

Here's the basic idea of these posts...the offseason is really slow for bloggers, so I decided to rip on everybody's teams in as lighthearted a manner as possible.  It came up because I read a story about OU fans getting married in a Wal-Mart and thought to myself:  "rednecks."  Then I realized I didn't have much room to be calling names (which isn't nice anyway), so I decided to include everyone.  To be fair, I included my own team (which led one reader to accuse me of being a KU fan...umm, ok).  Below are the links to the posts, along with a short explanation of the content of each.

Nebraska:  Supposedly classy fans, crappy student journalist cartoons, and really dumb hats.

Iowa State:  Larry Eustachy, rednecks, backward shirts and fans drinking their sorrows away.

Mizzou:  Antlers (a-hole fans, not hunting trophies), the Laurie's and the curse of Wal-Mart, and Quin Snyder.

KU:  Tire slashing, fast food debacles, blowouts, and goalposts.  As a bonus, check out this post, in which I accidentally misspelled the last name of a true American hero.

K-State:  Rebels without a cause, bad farks, and molly-induced YouTube videos.

Colorado:  Beautiful scenery, hateful fans, excercises in logic, the c-word (yeah, THAT c-word) as a way to charm the ladies, and of course, weed.

Oklahoma State:  Sixties rejects, mullets, buttheads headbutting, wrestling tributes in stone, Pistol Pete on acid, and Boone Pickens.

Oklahoma:  Cheating, cheating, a history of stealing, bad hats, and funny fan pictures.  And more cheating.

Texas Tech:  Spelling bees, culinary greatness, jerking off in a bell, great weather, vandalism and, of course, the one and only Mike Leach.

Baylor:  Crappy towns, Baptist strictness, hot white girls, more Baptist strictness, and Dave Bliss.  I went overboard on this one (i.e. it wasn't very funny and was kind of mean-spirited, which is weird because I don't hate Baylor), as pointed out by Red at BearMeat.  Check out their blog, they do a much better job of making fun of themselves than I can.

Texas A&M:  Two words:  The Corps.

Texas:  Arrogance, handsigns that mean, uhh, something else internationally, distinguished law school rejects, frivolous lawsuits, and counterculturists who would be shot on site in College Station.

This concludes my introductory posts.  New content should be forthcoming this week.