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No Biletnikoff in Manhattan (and other news tidbits)

Again, not much news going on.  Here are a few tidbits, as I once again apologize for the light posting given my finals' schedule right now.  

I'm watching the College Football Awards Show right now, and will post the result of the Biletnikoff Award when it comes up.

Result: Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree wins.  Dang.  On the bright side, Nelson was honored as a Walter Camp All-American.  Wish they would have shown the replay of him torching Aqib Talib...

From the Topeka Capital-Journal, we get some reaction to the rough start for Frank Martin's squad.  I applaud the difficult schedule, but in the end, it's who you beat, not who you play.  Playing tough games early against George Mason, Oregon, Notre Dame, Cal and Xavier is getting us a lot of respect, but at some point we have to translate the respect for our schedule into respect for our ability.  Playing tough games doesn't really mean much if you don't learn from them, and we really need to start showing we are picking up the lessons.  By losing three games already, we have given ourselves very little breathing room.  We now can't afford to lose to any of the lower-division opponents coming up on the schedule.  In addition, we will pretty much have to beat either Cal or Xavier, unless we are planning on going about 14-2 in conference.

The good news?  We get Texas and Texas A&M at home.  The bad news?  Both teams are really good this year.

K-State recruit Dominique Sutton plans to be in uniform on December 17th, for the game at the Sprint Center against Florida A&M.  He thinks the team needs to get the ball to Michael Beasley more often.  I just have one question, then: Can you hit a three-pointer?

Nice of Brandon Rush to even the score for basketball players arrested on parking ticket-related warrants.  Blake Young was arrested for failure to appear last week, while today a Douglas County judge sent Rush to the cooler for a while.  And leave it to the Lawrence Journal-World to give us a classic picture that 'beak fans would probably prefer was left alone...

Home at last.

Five days until freedom.  Thanks for sticking with the site through the light posting.