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Saturday Notes

Another apology for the sporadic posting.  Yesterday was a wild travel day (note: do not ever drive a two-lane road in Arkansas...), and I've been catching up on the news today.  Not there there's much to catch up on, but I digress.

Today has been a full day in Big 12 basketball.  I watched and was fairly impressed by Oklahoma's win over Arkansas.  Jeff Capel really has that team playing well, and they have some serious talent.  Our conference opener is going to be a stern test.

I didn't see any of it, but Nebraska defeated the Oregon Ducks at Omaha's Qwest Center.  That is a surprise from a Husker team that had already dropped games to Western Kentucky and Creighton.  Makes our loss to Oregon all that much more frustrating, too.  After the win, someone forgot to tell the Husker fans that they had actually NOT won the national title...

Some of the perennial powers of the Big 12 South look like they're going to endure rough sledding this season.  Oklahoma State fell to 5-4 with a 17-point loss to Pitt, while New Mexico pummelled Texas Tech by the same margin.  You just know that losing to Steve Alford has to burn Bobby Knight deep in his soul.

In games currently underway, that team from down the river is pulverizing Ohio early in the second half, and Texas trails Texas State in the earlygoing down at The Drum in Austin.

From the Topeka Capital-Journal today, we learn that Bill Walker's move from small forward to power forward was more of an accident than a conscientious choice on Frank Martin's part.  Whatever, if he keeps dropping 30-10 games, I don't care if he got there because a rabid squirrel suggested it.

I've been meaning to get around to posting this, but I ran across some interesting comments by UTEP football coach Mike Price the other day.  Price, if you'll remember, was hired by UTEP after leaving Alabama in disgrace due to the strippergate incident.  Of note...

"I really like it here," Price said Saturday in a telephone interview. "And they are good to me. They took me when no one wanted me."

You're welcome, Bob Huggins.

And finally, because you can never be too prepared when you go to downtown Kansas City, here are directions to the arena and a great map with parking options from the Sprint Center Web site.  I'll be there, and am fairly familiar with downtown KC, so if you have any questions, leave a comment or send me an email at