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Tuesday Commentary--Nebraska Week Edition

If you would have asked me two weeks ago how I felt going into the Nebraska game, I would have said I was pretty confident of coming out with a victory.  Now, after the Iowa State debacle, I'm not so sure.  We'll compare more of the matchups later in the week, but at this point, all I can say is this: as long as the rules dictate we show up with our own players and coaching staff, any team that walks onto the field against K-State has a chance to win, because our squad is as likely to beat itself as anyone else.

On to the news...

The biggest concern the last few weeks--except against Baylor, obviously--has been stopping the run.  That concern looms even larger now, as the injury to senior nose tackle Steve Cline will end his season, and thus his career.  Really a tough break for the big guy, who played well all year and shouldered a big responsibility when Junior Moran left the program before the season.  If you're going to the game with Missouri in two weeks, be sure to give him a hearty cheer when he's announced.

You could measure the catastrophic failure that has been Nebraska's season in any of a number of ways, but for a K-State fan, all you need to know is this: Nebraska fans aren't focused on booing and taunting Josh Freeman this weekend.  And file this under "hell must have just frozen over": at the Chiefs game this weekend, some Husker fans asked Freeman for his autograph.

It's a pretty cool day in Houston today, but it hasn't quite frozen over.

The Omaha World-Herald's Lee Barfknecht has a nice article about Jordy "The People's Champ" Nelson.  You can take all your whatever-star athletes and stuff 'em, I'd take an entire team of Jordy Nelson's.  It's a shame that his modesty will probably keep him from getting the national recognition he deserves, but I obviously care a lot more about that than he does.

Barfknecht also ranks the conference, although this week he has done away with the bowl projections and overall conference ratings.  He has the Cats at third in the North.

Blair Kerkhoff of the KC Star takes on the trials and tribulations of soon-to-be former Texas A&M coach Dennis Franchione today.  He also takes his weekly stab at slotting the Big 12 teams, bumping the Cats down to seventh.  Texas Tech ahead of us?  Really?

Rashaad Norwood's legal troubles have been resolved.  Check out the diary on the right sidebar for more information and to comment on what you think Ron Prince should do with Norwood from here on out.

Not much else sports news this week, but I'll leave you with this.  Take a bow, Kansas, you're one of the 10 healthiest states in the nation.  I heard this on the radio on the way to school today.  The radio announcers, like most Texans whenever their state is not lifted on a pedestal as a godly idol for men, had a fit about the rankings.  Among the more amusing comments were the following (paraphrased):

"There's nothing to do up there, all they do is drink beer."  Umm, there's not much to do in most of Texas either, and there is a certain brand of beer that claims to be " The National Beer of Texas."  Pot, meet kettle.

"How can that place be one of the healthiest, I thought they were more known for cooking meth."  Again, pot, have you met my friend kettle?  Of course, the reply by the woman on the radio show was priceless as well, as she said "No, that's Missouri."

That's all for today.  Remember to check in with Corn Nation for updates on the Huskers, as well as my long-winded argument for why K-State is Nebraska's real rival.  Check back here at BOTC tomorrow for a satirical projection of Saturday's game.