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Picking Up the Pieces

This program was hit by a storm that was equal parts Cyclone and Wildcat yesterday.  The result is that this season is in a shambles right now, and nobody really knows what we'll do with the pieces.  Will we pick them up, put back together what we can, and get to seven wins (I can't see us beating Mizzou)?  Or will be sit on the curb, head in our hands, and mail it in to a 5-7 finish?

Next week we travel to Nebraska, where we win about every half-century or so.  We will be taking on a Husker team that is on a five-game losing streak, which also happens about every half-century or so.  Thus, we are left with next week's pillow fight between the two teams that used to own the North.

Don't watch the following video if you're likely to be offended by women in their underwear having a pillowfight...

The last three weeks of this season are going to be very interesting.  I had figured we were on our way to a record at least as good as last year.  And we still do have games against Nebraska and Fresno State, two teams who won't strike fear into most this season.  Mizzou looks like it's on a roll, our best chance is catching them looking ahead to the collosal showdown with KU the weekend after our game.  The problem is, no matter the opponent, K-State is capable of losing any game by beating itself.

Sorry I didn't get around to doing a "the good" and "the bad" from yesterday's game.  To sum it up: "the good" = Jordy Nelson, "the bad" = everything and everyone else.

Because of my extremely pissed-off mood and the large bottle of Crown sitting on my counter right now, look for some entertaining posts this week.  Also, stop in at Corn Nation to keep track of the disaster to the north.