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Post-Game Reaction: I've Got Nothing

This team is infuriatingly inconsistent.  Fumble on the opening kickoff?  I mean, really?  How about we just send up a big flag that says, "Hey, 1-8 team, we're going to do everything in our power to give you a chance at a win today!"

That sounds like I'm taking credit away from Iowa State, which I shouldn't be.  They did exactly what they should have done, capitalized on our mistakes and made plays when they needed to, but we thoroughly failed to show up for this game.  Thoroughly.

Complaining about officiating is a pointless exercise, but I still cannot believe what happened on the touchdown by James Johnson where he was called out at the six.  The referee who was RIGHT ON TOP OF THE PLAY AND WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT JOHNSON'S FEET called it a touchdown, whereas the official who was 15 yards behind the play called him out?  I realize the play is unreviewable, but it shouldn't have gotten to that point; Johnson was clearly in bounds.  Unbe-freaking-lievable.  Who knows what would have happened, but if we get the touchdown we rightfully scored on that play, we're going for two with six-and-a-half minutes to play.

Where are we now?  The North title hopes are gone.  We now have to win two games, including at least one on the road, to have a realistic shot at a bowl.  Mizzou rolled Colorado today.  Fresno State won again today.  Nebraska got rolled and looks vulnerable, but they can run the ball and we sure as hell can't stop anyone running the ball.  I realize I'm going down in a blaze of glory here, but so be it.  This season has suddenly gone in the tank.

On the bright side, the basketball team kicked ass in a totally meaningless exhibition game.  Michael Beasley scored 35 points and grabbed 15 rebounds against an MIAA team from western Kansas.  Bill Walker added 19.  Jacob Pullen played well in place of Clent Stewart.

More meltdown to come tomorrow.  Get ready for a serious pillow-fight in Lincoln, Neb., next weekend.  

On a final note: get Jordy Nelson some recognition.  Fourteen more catches, 214 yards, one touchdown.  It's a pity this guy won't be in New York.  Welcome to the joke that is the college football hype machine.