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Somebody Get Bill Walker Some Ditropan

Don't feel bad if you missed it, because I didn't notice it either, but last night K-State forward Bill Walker relieved himself in a towel (or five) in front of the K-State bench with about two seconds left in the game.  That's right.  In front of 13,000 people and a national TV audience, Walker stuffed a towel down his shorts and took care of business.  I'm guessing this may stem from a little overhydration in response to the cramps that knocked him out of a game earlier this year.

Here's a link to ESPN2's video at the time the "accident" occurred.  Focus on the lower left-hand corner, down by the K-State bench.  It was handled so non-chalantly that the announcers didn't even notice it.  But here is still-image proof...

(Photo courtesy the Kansas City Star)

I tell ya, Walker has been an entertaining dude ever since he got to Manhattan.