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Post-Game Non-Reaction

Sorry folks, I wish I had more for you here.  My trial and the post-trial discussions ran long, so I have only seen highlights and final statistics of the game today.  Looked like we finally gave the ball to James Johnson a little more and--surprise!--he did it big.  Of course, he can't play defense, too, and the tackling on the Jeremy Maclin return was WRETCHED.

Also looks like the basketball team sleepwalked through a win over Western Illinois today.  I only was able to listen to a little bit of it because my Internet radio connection wasn't working too well.  Sounds like they came out swinging, got WIU down, and then just kind of coasted.  But really folks, get out and see Michael Beasley while you have the chance, the kid is something special.

Michael Beasley Watch: 28 points, 22 rebounds

This week will be better around these parts, I promise.  We'll get ready for the Fresno State game and our last, desperate gasp at bowl-eligibility.  Coming soon after the Fresno game will be TB's "State of the Wildcats" assessment of the season.  Feel free to provide your input for that post via the comments or the diaries, or via email at

It may be a rough time right now, but at BOTC we'll always carry the banner high!

Go State!