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The Current Coaching Staff Is Under Review

Don't misunderstand me.  I'm not calling for the firing of Ron Prince.  That would be a serious overreaction, and would lead K-State down a path of destruction.

But there is something horribly, seriously wrong with this team.  Although allegedly these are the same players we saw earlier this year against Auburn, Texas and Colorado, they are suddenly out of position, can't catch the ball, and most of all, can't tackle.

Somebody told me this week that one of the teams in the stadium this weekend had quit, that it had no chance, that there was nothing standing between it and a long losing streak to end the season.  Funny thing, though, nobody told me it was the team in purple.

Do I know what the problem is?  No, I don't.  There's something serously wrong with our defensive schemes.  What's that?  Oh, Frantz Hardy just burned us right down the middle for another touchdown.  Huh?  Marlon Lucky just broke four tackles on a 20-yard run?  You don't say.  How's that?  One of our receivers just dropped another pass?  That hasn't happened this year...

This season has gone down the tubes.  Mizzou is going to have to put in the Chi Omega flag football team to keep from putting up 100 on us next weekend.  Fresno State isn't all that good, but they can damn sure run the ball, and really any offense who puts the ball in play is likely to score a lot on us considering we can't tackle a turtle right now.

73 points folks.  Seventy-freaking-three points.

Ron Prince, your mission is before you.  You have thus far gone 0-4 against K-State's biggest rivals in the conference, and are a whisker away from turning this from a promising season that held the possibility of eight or nine wins and a nice bowl bid into a losing season, with no bowl and obvious regression despite pretty fair talent on the field.

Of course, you've had help.  This isn't all on you.

More later.  I'm way too mad right now to keep doing this.