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Reader Email: More Big 12 North Scenarios

From reader Wade, as sent to the blog email:

On the posting from a couple days ago:

There is one other scenario that could work out for K-State that might
actually be a bit more likely than the one proposed:

If KU loses at OSU and Missouri beats KU and K-State beats Missou, that
could still work out for the Cat's and here's why:

All three teams would have one loss from the north and one loss from the
south, which would bump everything out to the team with the highest BCS
rating.  This could turn out to be K-State because KU would have lost 2 of
their last three games which would drop them heavily, Missouri would have
lost one of its games, which would drop it in the bcs as well.  And
K-State will have won 5 straight games which will only raise their BCS
rating.  This, of course, would require K-State to go TO FSU and beat
them.  And it would all depend on how far KU and Missou drop, and how high
K-State would rise...

It's an outside chance, but it could happen.


As far as I can tell, Wade is right.  From the Big 12 media guide, p. 24, the fifth tiebreaker is: "The highest ranked team in the first Bowl Championship Series Poll following the completion of Big 12 regular season conference play shall be the representative"

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