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Game Open Thread (Late): K-State vs. Oklahoma State

Who: K-State vs. Oklahoma State
When: October 20, 2007 | 6:05 p.m.
Where: Stillwater, Okla. | Boone Pickens Stadium (48,000)
Media: 1350 KMAN, Yahoo! Radio | No TV

Sorry, I'm late.  We were way more successful than I ever thought we'd be in the softball tournament.  Right now things look pretty good, up 21-17 at half.  Feel free to comment on the second-half action here.

In other news...Oklahoma 17, Iowa State 7?  Great game, Sooners.  Looks like Nebraska is headed for total meltdown mode.  Texas started slow but won comfortably.  KU just held on for a tough victory over CU, and a 3-0 conference record.  Mizzou???  Dayum.  Nice game today, Tigers.