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A Good Read from Joe Posnanski

I really don't give the KC Star's Joe Posnanski enough credit here on this blog--like he really cares what a K-State blogger thinks.  But Posnanski has my utmost respect, from his columns to the time he came to my sportswriting class and entertained us for two hours.

He's on a roll this week.  Today, he wrote a great piece about K-State basketball coach Frank Martin, detailing Martin's difficult upbringing and hard work in the coaching profession.  It made me happier than ever to have Martin as our head coach.

If you want to read more Posnanski, here is his column from earlier this week, about the uncertain world faced by Nebraska these days.

This week has been nuts.  No promises as to what tomorrow will hold, I'll try to examine the Oklahoma State Cowboys, but that all depends on schoolwork at this point.