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Big 12 Roundtable Roundup--The Aftermath

Sorry everyone, this is waaay too late, but I just now got home from Manhattan (yeah, check the time on this post).  We had 10 bloggers, including BOTC, participate in the Roundtable this week, they are listed below.

Rock M Nation
Rock Chalk Talk
Husker Mike's Blasphemy
MidWest Coast Bias
Crimson and Cream Machine
Corn Nation
Gabriel's Horn
Big Red Network
Clone Chronicles

On to some sample answers...

1.  Some teams are coming off a big win or wins (Oklahoma, Colorado, KU, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Missouri), while others are dealing with the sting of a tough loss or losses (K-State, Texas, Nebraska, Baylor, Iowa State, Oklahoma State).  Tell us where your team is headed in the wake of the first two weeks of conference play.

I know you never thought you’d hear me say this after two conference losses (actually, 4 in a row, but who’s counting?) but I’m oddly comfortable with Texas. Sure, we can talk about our troubles, but I don’t think any of them mean you can count the Horns out. (Well. Unless your talking about National Championships or Big XII titles....) We lost the OU game, but it was the first time this season I’ve really been satisfied with our performance. Up next is Iowa State and Baylor — which will be a nice break before Nebraska and Oklahoma State. Then we’ll face Texas Tech and Texas A&M.

The question is — will we win out? I think everyone knows we could. If I was a betting sort of gal (which I am), I’d say we still have one loss coming our way. That being said, I’m not sure if it will be Leach’s pirates, our sheepish friends in College Station or if the Huskers will serve up the loss.  --Gabriel's Horn


2.  Colorado and Texas A&M have emerged as unlikely conference leaders at 2-0 (give yourself a cookie if you predicted that), while preseason darlings Texas (0-2) and Nebraska (1-1 and not playing well) are floundering.  Do the current leaders have the wherewithal to make it to San Antonio, or will somebody from elsewhere in the pack overtake them?

Neither of those teams will be playing in San Antonio come the end of coneferencep lay. Book it. Colorado has the best chance of either, givent he parity across the Big 12 North, but after this weekend's performances from the Jayhawks and Tigers I am sold on both. The winner of their contest in late November in Arrowhead Stadium will give the North its representative. In the South, Boomer Sooner is going to win. And if not, my money is on Texas Tech who is getting better every week IMO. --Rock Chalk Talk


3.  A few weeks ago we did a ranking of the six BCS conferences, with most bloggers picking the Big 12 in the middle of the pack, which would be a big improvement over the last couple years.  Have the middle and bottom teams of the conference improved significantly, or have the teams at the top declined significantly?  Or is it something else?

All of the above! Texas certainly isn't what they used to be and you have to wonder how long it will be before they get all of their chemistry issues worked out. Nebraska is awful and most likely will be starting over at the end of this season. On the other hand Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri are all on the rise. Combine that with a talented but young Oklahoma team and the Big 12 has an interesting dynamic that will be fun to watch develop over the next few years.  --Crimson and Cream Machine

4.  Getting waaaaay ahead of ourselves: What if Missouri or KU goes undefeated and wins the Big 12 Championship Game?  Would they get a shot at the national championship game?

My heart just skipped a bit and part of me died inside, all at the same time. If Missouri manhandled every conference opponent by 20-plus points throughout the rest of the season and proceeded to take the Big 12 Title by force, then certainly they deserve consideration. The same applies for KU. But what if Cal runs through their schedule with the same ease, demolishing USC by 21? What if the media continues its South Florida love fest after an undefeated season? It's all too hard to predict just how things will play out atop the polls. All the Tigers and Jayhawks can do is take care of business and let the chips fall where they may.  --Rock M Nation

5.  Rank the conference teams

This is the average ranking for each team...

  1.  Oklahoma
  1.  Missouri
  1.  KU
  1.  Colorado
  1.  Texas
  1.  Texas A&M
  1.  K-State
  1.  Texas Tech
  1.  Nebraska
  1. Oklahoma State
  1. Iowa State
  1. Baylor

Thanks to all the participants.