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It's Open Season at BOTC

All loyal readers, I have good news.  To encourage community participation, and because I'm going to be traveling to Manhattan for the game this weekend and will have limited Internet access, I am opening the site to you, the readers.  Between now and Sunday, feel free to create an account and post a diary.

To create an account, follow the links under "Menu" at the top right of the page.  It's EASY and FREE.

To post a diary, click on the link that says "Post New Diary" once you are logged in.

You can use your diary to post pretty much whatever you want.  Post links to news stories, or post your thoughts on anything K-State/Big 12/College Football.  I will check in as often as possible and bump as many worthy entries as possible to the front page.  Basically, if you want anything from BOTC between now and Sunday, it's on you.

I only have one rule for this: Remember, you are representing K-State with what you post.  It's your school, so represent it with honor.