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95 DAYS TO (TENTATIVE) 2020 KICKOFF: Elliott Strahm

In which BracketCat counts down the 95th day until the 2020 kickoff with a profile of Kansas State defensive tackle Elliott Strahm.

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Kansas State Football: Brenen Hawkins to the Wildcats!

Kansas State lands a second impact wide receiver in the last 5 days.

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SLATE: A rough weekend

Yes, we’ve been absent. Sorry about that.

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97 DAYS TO (TENTATIVE) 2020 KICKOFF: Nate Matlack

In which BracketCat counts down the 97th day until the 2020 kickoff with a profile of Kansas State defensive end Nate Matlack.

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Kansas State Football - Bring on the Quarterbacks!

How Manhattan, Kansas could become a mecca for quarterbacks.

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Announcing the SB Nation FanPulse top 25

Sign up and you get a vote in both BotC’s and SB Nation’s top 25 polls!

Five Mountaineers we don’t hate

This installment was hard, because we still don’t know them well enough yet.

K-State Football

SLATE: Philanthropist Donna Vanier passes at 85

SLATE: Memorials on Memorial Day

RIP to a legend, a Wildcat, and a program

Weekend Slate: Slow return to normal

Things are looking up for the return of fall sports.

5 Red Raiders we don’t hate

Not pictured; Baker Mayfield.

K-State Men's Basketball

Slate: Sterling APR Report for K-State

Plus recognitions, and recruiting updates

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Kansas State Football: Recruiting Round-Up

Last week was a mixed bag, at best, for the Wildcats.

SLATE: An actual news Monday

Well, this is sort of weird, innit?

Slate: There will be football. Maybe.

Kansas State might be ready, but what about the other schools?

K-State Recruiting

Five Horned Frogs we don’t hate

Really, do we hate any of them? Really?

Slate: Kansas State Recruiting Update

Kansas State grabbed another commit from their Georgia pipeline, but lost last weeks LB commit.

K-State Football Recruiting: Transfers and JuCos

The Klieman coaching staff has used the transfer portal and juco to great effect thus far.

SLATE: K-State sports and COVID finances

It all depends on football.

Slate: K-State president talks fall plans

In other news, Wildcat rowers bag academic honors.

K-State Baseball

Musings: 7 Longhorns we don’t hate

When you’re the dominant party, it’s easy to be magnanimous.

Slate: K-State snags a JUCO Commit.

K-State grabs a verbal commit from a JUCO linebacker, plus odds and ends.

Slate: McGuirl ready to regain winning culture

Plus an interesting story about head baseball coach Pete Hughes

Slate: AD Gene Taylor talks about potential plans for college football

Construction continues at Bill Snyder Family Stadium

SLATE: Jayhawks finally relent

K-State already did, but Kansas and Missouri are going to resume hostilities finally

Adventures of the Big 12 Series

Weekend Slate: Various scenarios for fall sports

We’re going to get football back, right?

Slate: Life after college football

Some Wildcats reconsider their future prospects as the pandemic wears on...

5 OSU Cowboys We Don’t Hate

Three tap-ins, one tough decision, and a ringer.

SLATE: Salary Reductions Hit K-State Athletics

Plus Okie Light is this week’s target for "opponents we don’t hate".

SLATE: More Academic Honors

Plus, what could be the budget impact at K-State

SLATE: How Tex Winter helped create the Michael Jordan legacy

Also, K-State golfers are really smart.

SLATE: The Streak is Over

For the first time in 26 years, the words "Kansas State" were not used as part of a draft selection.


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