World Cup 2014

Bring on the Podcast with Kurt Austin (WC edition)


Sporting Kansas City's excellent PR man joins the podcast to share his memories from attending two US games from Brasil, and he also gives you plenty of great reasons to head out to Sporting Park...

Deutschland Über Alles


The World Cup ended as it had so many times over most of the last ten days: at the death.

World Cup Final (GER-ARG) Open Thread


It's finally here. The odyssey that began 31 days ago finally comes to a close as we crown the world champion of soccer.

Even the Blind can score on Brazil


Just like they did against Germany, Brazil wilted right from the gate. But at least they stopped the bleeding.

Brazil-Netherlands: Third Place Open Thread


One team couldn't score at all. The other couldn't stop giving up goals. Now, they fight it out for third place.

Penalties again for the Dutch but the wrong result


The Oranje had relied on penalty kicks one way or another throughout the knockout rounds. It didn't work a third time.

Netherlands-Argentina Open Thread


The second semifinal pits the game's greatest creator against an entire line of top-flight attackers. Who'll win?

BRA-GER: Thiago Silva may be seeking asylum.


Well. That was certainly something to behold.

Brazil-Germany Open Thread


Can Brazil survive without their sublime star?

Ahearn Alley's glorious visit to Rio de Janeiro


The Fanfest at Copacabana Beach, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and a visit to a favela highlighted a short four-day trip to Brasil's most vibrant city and host of the World Cup Final.

ARG holds off BEL, NED survives CRC on penalties


The semifinals will be West vs Really West as the favorites once again advanced.

Argentina-Belgium/Holland-Costa Rica Open Thread


The quarterfinals come to an end as the Low Countries face off against Latin America.

Germany strangles France, Brazil outsyles Colombia


A tale of two tactics: defense in the morning, free-wheeling attack in the afternoon.

Quarterfinal Open Thread: FRA/GER, BRA/COL


Two whole days without soccer. How did we survive? Today, two titanic matches await. And happy Fourth of July to you, too!

Tim Howard's Apotheosis


Tim Howard's record-breaking heroics weren't enough.

Day 19 recaps/Day 20 Open Thread: ARG-SUI, USA-BEL


France cruised; Germany didn't. But Africa tumbled from the Cup anyway. Today, it's all about US. The US, that is.

Day 18 recaps/Day 19 Open Thread: FRA-NGA, GER-ALG


June hurtles to a close after one game went to penalties and the other came a minute from extra time. Today, two European powers face African upstarts who could surprise.

Brasil survives, a nation breathes again


Saturday's match featured plenty of drama no matter your perspective, but it was almost too much stress for Brazilians to handle before they narrowly avoided disaster in the Round of 16.

Day 17 recaps/Day 18 Open Thread: NED-MEX, CRC-GRE


2.1 seconds left pitches in with recaps of Brazil-Chile and Colombia-Uruguay, while Jon steps back in to preview today's Netherlands-Mexico and Costa Rica-Greece tilts.

Day 17: Brazil-Chile, Colombia-Uruguay


After a day off, we get back to work with the first quarter of the Round of 16.

Waterfalls and punctuality in Brasil


I went on an adventure to see some nature, then returned to watch the entertaining demise of Portugal and Ghana.

Day 15 recap: USA loses, advances


Tomorrow, we get a day off! Today, Cristiano Ronaldo saves America. (Okay, exaggeration.)

Day 15: Groups G/H Final Matches: Open Thread


We officially begin the third week of soccer's greatest event. And Team USA is there to kick it off.

Ahearn Alley reports from Brasil-Cameroon


Everything went as expected on the field, and I had a nearly perfect view to celebrate the experience of a lifetime in watching Brasil at the World Cup.

Day 14: Groups E/F Final Matches: Open Thread


Luis Suarez loses his freaking mind again, and some other stuff happened too.

Day 13: Group C/D Final Matches: Open Thread


Spain's reserves do what their starters couldn't, Brazil and Mexico roll into the knockouts.

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