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The National, 9/6/2012: Thursday Follies.


The National, 9/6/12: Thursday Follies. Stupid betting tricks, fist fights, food safety, Oklahoma's offense, and fall sports rundown.

The National, 9/3/12: Almost in the Books.


The National, 9/3/12: Almost in the Books. Alabama may be unstoppable; the upsets pile up; maybe Gundy went a little too far; ESPN's Penn State failure.

Texas Tech REALLY Doesn't Want to Play on the Longhorn Network


They want to avoid the LHN enough to consider playing only 11 games in 2012. Texas Tech's first road game is on Sept. 8th, at Texas State. ESPN announced that the game would be carried on of their...

6/4 Sundry: Saturday Sporting Grab Bag


It's June, which means we have less than three months until football. 8-4 never sounded so good. Our interns decided to show up to work for the first time in a few weeks and spent all Friday...

UTSA Wants Into The WAC


UT-San Antonio won't actually play a football game for more than a year, but the Roadrunners are lobbying to become a member in the suddenly depleted Western Athletic Conference. Earlier this...

College Basketball: Texas vs Texas St. open thread


Tip off at 3 p.m. CST televised on FSSW. Got a pot of venison and elk chili simmering and a 4 pack of Guinness pub draught already talking to me. My manlove for John Wall is approaching unhealthy...

More Conference Expansion News


After North Dakota joined the Big Sky Conference most assumed their border rival South Dakota would follow, however the Coyotes have declined the Big Sky's invitation. Like SDST and NDST, South Dakota will join the Missouri Valley Football Conference and elect to stay in the Summit League in all other sports. This move leaves the Big Sky with 11 all-sport members and 13 football members. The Summit League will remain stable with its 9 members, while the MVC will now be at 10. North Dakota may have a case of buyer's remorse after signing on with the Big Sky, and could be looking into joining the other 3 Dakotas in Summit league/MVC to reduce their travel costs and maintain its rivalries. The WAC's expansion plan seems to have settled on just adding UTSA, Texas St, and (non football school) Denver in order to hold open another spot in case Montana decides to upgrade. The only school left out of of this expansion shuffle for now is Seattle University, a non-football school, who may be targeted to join the WCC with the new addition of BYU or they could be invited to join Big Sky Conference as a 12th member in an attempt to even out the basketball schedule.

WAC to add Texas State, UT San Antonio, Denver and Seattle


The San Marcos Times is reporting what teams the WAC will add in 2012. Looks like Montana isn't quite ready to make the jump to the WAC just yet. The WAC will now have a big presence in Texas and finally have a team in Colorado where the league headquarters are located. Hawaii should now go independent, now triple the travel to the Central time Zone. Texas State is only 4-4 this year in the Southland Conference, UT San Antonio doesn't have a football team yet. The big winners are Denver and Seattle who are mainly basketball schools that don't get much publicity.

College basketball teams sure did foul a lot back in the day.


Random fun fact: According to that old stats page that Pomeroy uploaded, at least nine teams averaged at least 26 fouls per game in 1953. Since 1997, only three teams have averaged at least 26 fouls/game in a season: Texas State (2007) Texas State (2008) Texas State (2009) I guess Texas State coach Doug Davalos figures that if he's gonna lose, he might as well kick it, slap it, elbow it, swipe it, gouge it, and body it old school.

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