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Football: It's never too early for recruiting and I love the WWI reference by Scipio in his thoughts on the 2011 class. You can't throw more bodies at a problem, but you can always through throw...

Aston Villa as Shakespearean characters


A trip to the theatre got me thinking: what if the important figures in Aston Villa's season were Shakespearean characters? Here are the results.

Five Things You Won't Hear in Gil Meche's Retirement Speech

  1. "First and foremost, I'd like to thank Trey Hillman."
  2. "It's like what Jose said to me once when we were hunting..."
  3. "I'll always remember asking Dayton why he gave me five years, and him replying, 'I want you to be here when the winning starts'."
  4. "...and also the Royals' great medical staff..."
  5. "And finally, to Cliff Lee, despite our disagreements about Milton and Shakespeare, I say this: Amicii flores in horto vitae sunt."

The World's Largest Outdoor College Football Poetry Contest: A Fan Poll Before the Georgia-Florida Game


In anticipation of the Georgia Bulldogs' big game against the Florida Gators on Saturday, Dawg Sports readers have produced artwork inspired by Chaucer, Frost, Shakespeare, Tennyson, Vonnegut, and...

Waxing Shakespearean on 59 to 7


Why not wax Shakespearean on my Wildcats 59 to 7 destruction of KU?

2010 Woodbine Mile: Entries, Post Positions and Odds


A look at the entries, post positions and morning line odds for Sunday's Grade 1 Woodbine Mile.

Viva El Birdos Theater: Skip dresses as a second baseman, marries at the end


A special guest bard waxes cautious about the Cardinals' second base options.

QB or New QB. . .That Is the Question


Is there a quarterback controversy getting ready to brew in Minnesota?

THAT IS THE QUESTION. -Juan "Hamlet" Rivera

THAT IS THE QUESTION. -Juan "Hamlet" Rivera

Sunday Morning Rockpile: A Trip to the DL


You know, maybe this is one amazingly brilliant plan the guys cooked up during the offseason. Maybe someone read Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part I and thought it would be a good idea to set the bar...

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