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Bringing the storm clouds: Defense against the run


I'd like to zoom in on our defense's execution of Diaz's mantra of "Stop the run, hit the quarterback" in game 1. At first glance, it would appear that we failed miserably but given that we allowed...

Mondays In the Humidor: The Cigar on The Ash Package and More


I suspect Saturday night’s Texas vs. Rice happenings made the Big Cigar’s evening rather satisfying. Just after David Ash and Jaxon Shipley took back-to-back Wildcat snaps I pictured El Cohiba...

2011 Texas-Rice Post Mortem: Defense


I'm a little surprised by some of the angst over the defense, the gist of which seems to be that we were run on a little (how unexpected) and that people didn't feel particularly entertained or...

2011 Texas-Rice Post Mortem: Offense


Our OL didn't play all that well, the WRs had some drops, our QB didn't play at a high level...and we ended up with 506 yards of offense at 6.7 Yards Per Play and 34 points. With another two easy...

Rice Owls @ Texas Longhorns Animated Drive Chart


No such animation for MOB $EC halftime show. It's almost like having been there... FULL SCREEN VERSIONAnimated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

Resident Handicapper VegasKyle Talks Texas -23 vs. Rice


Texas -23 just happens to be VegasKyle's favorite pick of the week. Cappers love the first few weeks of the season because the linemakers in Vegas don't have a good feel yet for how teams will come...

David Ash: Red Light on the Redshirt Talk


There seems to be a bit of misdirection coming out of the Texas program this week and, while familiar, it looks nothing like Bryan Harsin trickeration. Just the same, it is meant to disguise and...

The Week That Will Be -- 9.03.2011


What we learned this off season... We learned that you can ride on a yacht and party with strippers and get a one game suspension, but you trade in an autographed glove and you’re getting five...

LHN Help Line


If you are not one of the tens of households that have the Longhorn Network, then you will need a central clearinghouse for what bars in what cities will be carrying the game. I consider this a...

You Are What Your Record Says You Are


At 3-0, I’m getting a little worried… Before I get into the overly complicated, comparative analysis, let’s consider some sobering statistics: Texas is 71st overall in passing yards, 65th overall...

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