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Boise might just be a Big East member in 2012

The WAC is looking into switching its schedule up in order to accommodate an early BSU move to the Big East.

Mountain West in waiting game on Air Force

What can Thompson do to keep TCU or Air Force? "Just say, ‘Guys, we’re not going anywhere, and we might not have the biggest house on the block but we have a roof that’s not leaking,’" Thompson said. "That’s about all you can do."

Texas A&M University primed to receive invitation to the SEC

As you all know, conference alignments are made mainly because of the money involved in football. The talk about Texas A&M University joining the SEC is now for real, and the SEC university presidents are having a meeting about it tomorrow. The A&M Regents will have a special meeting Monday regarding the situation. Other schools are rumored to be part of a new SEC expansion, including the University of Missouri (AD has denied), and Clemson University. If Texas A&M does leave, and the Big 12 explores expansion, some schools they may want to invite include the University of Notre Dame, Brigham Young University, and the United States Air Force Academy. From a basketball perspective, grabbing all three programs would keep the Big 12 decent as a conference, but I'm skeptical on how Air Force can be in basketball, and other sports, because of strict service academy physical requirements. In addition, should Air Force join a BCS conference, you can almost bet that Army and Navy will look into joining an automatic BCS league themselves. Discuss how this affects the college landscape....

Mountain West to gauge support for BCS alternative

"In the past year, the MWC has engaged Conference USA about their mutual interests. At this week's in board of directors meeting in San Diego, Thompson said chief executives of the league's member schools left with a plan to expand that kind of engagement to other non-automatic BCS leagues such as the Sun Belt, Mid-American and Western Athletic conferences.' Methinks the MWC should also be contacting the football schools in the Big East.

Boise State and Mountain West Creeping Closer to BCS Club Despite Loss of TCU

Saw this one on Bronco Nation News, TCU and BYU should have stayed! We're knocking on the door now.

Boise State-Georgia Game Critical to Future of Mountain West

The Broncos are used to playing big games by now, so BSU's 2011 tilt with the Bulldogs isn't nearly on a par with Boise State's 2005 visit to Sanford Stadium in terms of the program's now well-established national prestige, but a win by the boys in blue over the Red and Black on September 3 could be huge for the MWC's BCS chances. Go 'Dawgs!

Only Versus increased college football ratings in 2010

Only ESPN held the same ratings while ESPN2, ABC, NBC, and CBS were down. Things are lookin up for the Mountain West. Update: SB Nation story here, beat 'em by an hour ;)

MWC Has AQ Hopes Detoured

In the latest (and last?) round of college football conference realignment, the Mountain West Conference (MWC) saw its hopes for BCS automatic qualifying (AQ) status take a detour.

KU, MU, KSU now targeted by Mountain West

...but not, apparently, Iowa State... and not, definitely, Baylor (who TCU will actively oppose).

Why the Justice Department's Letter to Orrin Hatch is Much Ado About Nothing

The Mountain West's forthcoming elevation to AQ status will silence the Utah senator and save the BCS.

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