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98 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Travis Britz


In which BracketCat counts down the 98th day until kickoff with a profile of defensive tackle Travis Britz.

Former Patriot front office execs Scott Pioli and Thomas Dimitroff talk about another Pats Super Bowl and the "Patriot Way" (And KC Star)


From WEEI in Boston: "Former Patriot front office execs Scott Pioli (now the GM of the Kansas City Chiefs) and Thomas Dimitroff (now the GM of the Atlanta Falcons) stopped by Radio Row to talk about their post-Patriot careers, the Patriot Way, and the Pats being in their 5th Super Bowl under Bill Belichick." KC Star stuff around 5:35 mark.

Yost Gets It -- Kinda


"I’ve read studies where you can pull a lineup out of a hat," he said, "and, over the course of an extended look, you’re not going to get any more offense than if you hand-set your lineup." ... "You look at Kila’s numbers in Triple-A," Yost said, "and his strength was his plate discipline. [...] it’s an adjustment period up here. You’ve finally got your opportunity, and you want to show what you’re capable of doing. It’s only natural (to try to do too much) until you get back into your comfort zone."

Five Bits of Advice for Sam Mellinger Upon His Promotion to Columnist for the KC Star

  1. If you're going to pick a pitcher for a man-crush and series of columns, make sure and do so during a season in which he's going to gets shelled into oblivion.
  2. Play your cards right, and one day you might just get an unsolicited phone call from Mike Sweeney in order to further explain his long-awaited admission that , during the 2000 season, after having a blackberry schnapps, he once snapped and called Ann Landers a "boring old biddy."
  3. "What is Ken Harvey up to now? " is good for at least one column a season.
  4. Savor the feeling of this promotion. You will remember this day for the rest of your life.
  5. Two words: Farnsy Log

Big 12 Cob of the Week - Very Late Edition


Vote for the Big 12 Cob of the Week - the worst performance in the Big 12 last week. It's between Mike DeArmond of the KC Star, Alex Cate at Oklahoma State, and Baylor.

FJM vs. The Kansas City Star


Well, Jeffrey Flanagan, anyway. I hope our intrepid actuary understands that when the Star sports staff has a big dinner get-together, Flanagan has to sit at the kids' table.

Morning Update (Unlucky Edition)


chiefsfan1384 mentioned recently cut WR Koren Robinson on Friday and it turns out all is not well in the Robinson family -- Koren Cut, Brother Jailed. Major congratulations are in store for W...

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