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Samuel Chi's BCS projections put K-State in Fiesta, Oklahoma State in championship game


Interesting stuff from the mothership today, as SB Nation's Samuel Chi projects that Oklahoma State's Bedlam blowout will push the Cowboys into the national title game over Alabama. He has Michigan jumping to No. 13, but TCU stays out of the top 16, and projects K-State to meet the Wolverines in the Fiesta Bowl. Too early to start buying tickets for Tempe just yet, but we could be in for an exciting evening. Stay tuned for an open thread after the basketball game.

GameDay is ... not coming to our citay


Thanks a lot, Sooners.

Wildcats Rise to 27th in National Polls


You have to click on the "View Complete Poll" link at the bottom to see it, but we're back up th 27th in both now, trailing only Northwestern (?!?) in one and USC in the other.

Coach Snyder: Coffman Is Still Starting QB


I guess it will take losing to a terrible team like KU (and not just getting embarrassed by a good team) to finally bench Coffman for good. Man, I was really wanting to see Lamur or Klein get a shot this week!

Brown and Family Still Seeking Release From Scholarship


Dooley's third requirement to be released: "Number three, how they handle it as a professional." I'm not sure he realizes he's actual coaching amateurs, not professionals. Kds, mostly immature, between the ages of the 18-21 for the most part, do not conduct themselves as "professionals." They conduct themselves as kids, oddly enough. In other news, Derek Dooley is still a d-bag.

Coffman May Lose Starting Quarterback Job


I love Carson's grit, but "grit" isn't going to beat most of the team's left on our schedule, ability is, and -- unfortunately -- this is where Carson is lacking. Collin Klein and Sammuel Lamur are both better options at this point.

Brodrick Smith Out For The Season With A Broken Leg

K-Statriots is also saying this, and it's the rumblings I'd been hearing today. It's really too bad, but at least he's a young guy, who can come back strong next year.

TB on Bruins Nation Podcast Live


Late notice, but I will be on Bruins Nation's live podcast at about 8:10 p.m. CDT. Hit the link to tune in.

K-State Releases Depth Chart


Highlights: Tramaine Thompson beats out Chris Harper. Collin Klein and Sammuel Lamur apparently in a dead heat for backup QB. Manase Foketi to start at LT. DL goes Harold, Brown, Kibble and Felder. Less than four days...

Bill Snyder Email


The summer has passed quickly and with school now beginning the football season is upon us. In less than two weeks we open our season at home with UCLA. I hope you will be in attendance. Our student section has year in and year out been one of the most respected in all of college football. Just a brief note to share my appreciation for all that our student body has meant to our football program and to wish you continued success in the classroom. Warm regards, Coach Snyder Figured it was worth posting not as golden as apologizing for the poor performance vs UMass last year, but still a classy "Warm regards" there. (Didn't think this was worth a fan post so..I just linked his wikipedia entry)

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