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Fix this, Pencilneck


K-State and FSN couldn't come to an agreement on Tier 3 KSU basketball games. Fix it, John. Fix it now. Because the largest concentration of K-State alumni in the world has now lost access to 33% of our basketball games.

K-State Announces Extension for John Currie


Kansas State University President Kirk Schulz announced today that Athletic Director John Currie has signed a contract extension through the 2018 academic year, a move that recognizes the success of the department under Currie's leadership while providing continuity as K-State surges forward toward its vision of a model intercollegiate athletics program.

Groundbreaking Ceremony Announced for WSC Project


Thanks to the generosity and leadership of K-Staters worldwide, Kansas State officially will move forward and break ground April 28 on the West Stadium Center project at Bill Snyder Family Stadium, prior the 2012 Purple-White game. The ceremonial shovel turning, featuring President Kirk Schulz, Athletic Director John Currie, head football coach Bill Snyder and other special guests, will be approximately 11:30 a.m. on the west side of the stadium.

John Currie Live on 810 WHB at 4 p.m.


Listen to him live by clicking the link. This should be ... interesting. I hope KK asks the tough questions we're all thinking.



Regardless of where you fall on this matter, I think we all can agree it is NOTHING but positive press for Kansas State University. When one of the most recognizable basketball authorities in the nation is falling over himself to proclaim this job one of the most attractive in the nation, it elevates the school. I'm not saying we should hire him. But I think John Currie would be well-advised to take an hour down at the Final Four and at least interview the man. What could it hurt? If nothing else, maybe Gottlieb will give him some good marketing ideas.

Given multiple opportunities, Boyle declines to rule out KSU


Maybe it's just me, but I didn't hear a definitive "No" in there anywhere. Frank Martin would be proud of such coachspeak.

It's Over: Frank's Gone


Time to figure out our AD situation and go hire a new coach.

FCS to Broadcast K-StateHD.TV Programming


This probably is the second-biggest national distribution deal for any Big 12 school, other than Texas. And people actually get FCS in their TV packages, so maybe it's the biggest. Damn that John Currie anyway.

Miami can grab Martin, U-turn program if it commits


This article is not exactly a positive development. Frank could quash all of this speculation pretty quickly. But he's not doing interviews with local media. This is how the game is played. Let others tell the national media stuff like this while you say all the right things. It practically begs Miami to make an offer. The only question at this point is whether Frank's just trying to get a raise and/or put pressure on ADJC, or really does want the Miami job.

AP Source: Haith expected to leave for Missouri


RED ALERT!!! Terrible hire for Missouri, but far more concerning is what this means for the future of K-State men's basketball. ADJC better be working on a raise NOW, not tomorrow. And even that might not be enough if Miami gives Frank the chance to go home. Thankfully, I don't think Miami has a new AD yet, so they might just screw this up by not even offering Frank the job. But I won't breathe easy until the Hurricanes have a new head coach who isn't a certain scowling Cuban-American who just watched the best player he'll ever coach ride off into the sunset.

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