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StiffArmTrophy.com Projects Huge Manziel Win


Kari Chisholm of StiffArmTrophy.com collects known Heisman votes and turns them into a projection. His model, which is 10-for-10 in picking winners so far, has Johnny Manziel not just winning the statuette, but being one of the top 10 winners ever. A lot of voters have expressed the thought that this year's was one of the tougher decisions they've had to make. If that's true, the vast majority ended up breaking the same way.

Robert Griffin III Wins Heisman; Luck 2nd


In a somewhat disappointing result for Andrew Luck in his final season at Stanford, Baylor's Robert Griffin III has won the 2011 Heisman Trophy. Griffin received 405 first place votes and 1,687 points to Luck's 247 first place votes and 1,407 points. Stanford University now holds the dubious honor of being the only school in Heisman history to have a runner-up three consecutive years. Congratulations goes out to Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, and the other Heisman finalists.

"Honey Badger" Named a Heisman Finalist


If Tyrann Mathieu wins the Heisman Trophy thanks to a signature performance in a win over Georgia, does that mean one of his fellow finalists will go on to be a part of an ensemble cast in a critically-acclaimed serial police drama? Go 'Dawgs!



Brilliant marketing. It's not exactly a Heisman campaign, but I think it's appropriate in its own right. Also note the cleverly located Honey Badger. A little Honey Badger goes a long way.

Heisman in, Heisman out for Saints


Two of the past 11 Heisman Trophy winners were running backs, and both have played for the New Orleans Saints — Reggie Bush and Mark Ingram. Bush doesn't have that stiff-armed statuette anymore. Ingram acts as if he never had one in the first place. Jonathan Vilma said of Ingram's Heisman, "The way he comes out and works, wants to be part of the team, enjoys practices, you would never know it." - LATimes.com

Best & worst of times for Reggie Bush


Story and video chronicling the joy of Reggie Bush’s Louisiana life, compared to the current despair of his Southern California existence.

Can Josh Nesbitt Bring the Heisman to Georgia Tech?


Last year Josh passed for 1701 yards and 10 touchdowns, he also rushed for 1037 yards and 18 touchdowns. Nesbitt is the captain of Paul Johnsons’ ship and his understanding of this offense makes him extremely dangerous. As a triple threat QB (run, pass and pitch), Josh will have defenses on their heels this coming season. He’ll be very instrumental...

Mack Chimes In On Bush's Heisman


Mack was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and commented on whether VY should receive Bush's Heisman Trophy and other musings. What are your thoughts...If Bush's Heisman is returned, should they give it to VY, should he accept it or just tell them to go to hell. We are Texas.

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