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Goodell speaks on Haslam situation


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he met with Browns owner Jimmy Haslam on Tuesday amid the federal investigation into his family truck stop business, Pilot Flying J, regarding potential fraud...

Tevez will fit in nicely at Man boo hoo


It looks like Tevez' peeps are trying to drag Liverpool and the Masche loan deal into the mix with West Ham, Man U, and the EPL brass all apparently having the communication capabilities between...

Where the Cam Newton Case Stands and Why It's Not Going Away


The Cam Newton investigation is not over, and in fact, it could stretch on for years.

Another New Wrinkle Regarding Cecil Newton's Church, and Why Even Minor Revelations in the Cameron Newton Investigation are Bad News for the Auburn Tigers


In the ongoing NCAA investigation regarding Auburn Tigers quarterback Cameron Newton, even minor wrinkles may have major consequences. Dawg Sports reports that Cecil Newton's church has been...

American Pie History X


With apologies to Don McLean...

The Pinkie's take on Pitno v. Sypher


For the last month it has been Calipari, Calipari in the bluegrass. Now Rick Pitino, one of the only coaches in America with a profile/ego to rival that of the new Big Blue coach has found himself at the center of local, and national headlines. The extortion side of this at the least is a serious issue. Whether or not Pitino was nailing Sypher, I personally could careless. That is both persons personal lives and I am not concerned with what they do on their own time. It isn’t a crime to have an affair, it is to attempt and blackmail someone.

MLB bonus probe targeting 'handful' of teams


Sources also told ESPN that the investigation is expected to implicate roughly 20 people on "a handful" of teams before it is complete. Investigators also have expanded their probe into Venezuela, where many major league clubs have player academies. "Things are coming to a head," one source familiar with MLB's investigation said. Four MLB investigators returned to the United States from the Dominican last week and are preparing a report for the commissioner's office. One source briefed on MLB investigators' findings said he believed "less than a half-dozen" teams would be implicated, including the Yankees, Red Sox, Nationals and White Sox. The scandal began to break in March when Wilder, then the scouting director for the White Sox, was stopped in Miami by U.S. Customs officials while trying to bring about $40,000 in cash back from the Dominican Republic. Sources said Wilder, who has not been criminally charged, has been cooperating with the FBI. He and two scouts were fired by the White Sox in May. Wilder and others have been accused of inflating the value of some Dominican prospects, then demanding a kickback from the players' families once the players were signed.

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