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K-State Slate: 6.28.12

The Slate is ready for the road. Today, K-State will be host to high school basketball camp, Spencer Hall on the new playoff system, Smart Football on how to crown a champion, a list of all the things that have destroyed college football over the years, and the EDSBS boob draft.

K-State Slate: 6.27.12

The Slate is midway. Today, the BCS is dead (long live the BCS?), college football gets a four-team playoff, but keeps the bowls and big bucks, Spencer Hall interviews Hal Mumme, and wildfires in Colorado Springs.

K-State Slate: 6.26.12

The Slate is back at it. Today, Erik Kynard qualifies for 2012 Olympic Games, what would be so bad about a plus-one system, Big 12 and SEC wanted playoff games outside bowl system, former Baylor basketball player accused of extorting Robert Griffin III, and Jerry Sandusky found guilty.

K-State Slate: 6.22.12

It's Friday at the Slate. Today, Cliff Rovelto is among the elite track and field coaches in the country, Erik Kynard looks to win a gold medal, Texas Tech may cancel game with Texas State rather than play on LHN, college football playoff will still provide plenty to be mad about, and the Sandusky trial goes to the jury.

K-State Slate: 6.21.12

The Slate is inching toward it. Today, Erik Kynard at the U.S. Olympic Trials, K-State meets APR benchmarks, conference commissioners propose four-team playoff, spending on college football recruiting, and Spencer Hall's guide to betting on college football.

K-State Slate: 6.20.12

The Slate is midway. Today, K-State basketball prepares for Brazil trip, Erik Kynard a semifinalist for the Bill Bowerman Award, memorable Fathers Day for Aaron Watkins at the U.S. Open, NCAA APR released today, BCS replacement proposals hit snags, BCS name won't be used anymore, and a cow got loose and ran around Missouri's campus yesterday.

K-State Slate: 6.19.12

The Slate needs to be productive. Today, the countdown reaches Kason Hostrup, Summer Snyder is in full effect, Big 10 and Pac-12 complaining about playoff systems, and former Penn State coaches testify that they showered with little boys, too.

K-State Slate: 6.15.12

The Slate made it to Friday. Today, Manase Foketi wants release to transfer, Jeff Luc transfers to Cincinnati, Aaron Watkins in top 25 at U.S. Open, Bruce Weber on Big 12 conference call, NCAA removes call and text ban, and a college football playoff changes nothing (and why that's OK).

K-State Slate: 6.5.12

The Slate is looking for content. Today, K-State ready for NCAA Track and Field Championships, Big 10 is hopelessly stuck in the past, how to poach another conference's schools without getting sued, and BHGP's Pro Combat series.

K-State Slate: 5.16.12

It's getaway day at the Slate. Today, Mark Simoneau named to college football hall of fame, Bruce Weber names Brad Korn director of basketball operations, Wade Hinkle named Big 12 player of the week, college football playoff won't include campus sites, and Jon Bois and Bomani Jones look back at Bo Jackson.

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