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CBS sets Alabama-LSU for 7 p.m. CT kickoff on Nov. 3

Another Prime Time game for Alabama. The Michigan game is also 7pm CT (ABC).

Rich Rodriguez to join CBS Sports Network's college football team

"Rich is an accomplished, well-recognized coach with a wealth of knowledge about the game," David Berson, Executive Vice President, CBS Sports and President, CBS Sports Network, said in a released statement. "Rich was an integral part of our Signing Day and Draft coverage. We are excited to add him to our already strong line-up of football talent and look forward to showcasing his analysis and insights during the upcoming season." Honestly, I'm pretty happy for Rich. I've always liked the guy and I think a little time in front of the camera like this will do him some good. He was always a little off when the lights were on, and I'm hoping that this gig with smooth out some of those rough edges. He's a great offensive coach, a graet person, and I bet he's going to be a great broadcaster this year. Good Luck Rich!

Clark Judge on CBS Sportsline.....love him or hate him?!?!?!?!

He likes our SAINTS this year. Pretty good breakdown of the NFC South.

SAINTS Rapid Report

CBS Sports is updating the goings on at training camp. Follow along and see how our SAINTS are doing.

CBS Sports Dennis Dodd: Source; NCAA Will Attach a Show-Cause Penalty To Tim Floyd

CBS Sports.com's Dennis Dodd claims that the NCAA Committee on Infractions will assess a "Show Cause" penalty to Tim Floyd that would be enforced during his tenure in El Paso. Dodd notes that he spoke with Bob Stull who doesn't believe such a penalty will be assessed and stated that UTEP did their "due diligence" before hiring Floyd. ESPN's Andy Katz doesn't believe a show-cause will be levied, but this is the first time I've seen a national journalist claim to have a source that believes Floyd will be punished. A Dodd Quote: "I person familiar with the NCAA process told me that such a penalty would follow Floyd to UTEP. That's potentially a messy situation."

Shame on you....media

Notice Brees' statement was OVER a YEAR ago. Conrad was on the local ESPN affiliate show yesterday talking about his book. Then I see this article at CBS Sports. I believe Drew's statement was taken totally out of context. I really liked Conrad....but C'MON MAN! WHY NOW???????

CBS puts SEC basketball games online - USATODAY.com

This aught to be really good news for some 'Cat fans out there!

The PGA Tour, TV, and the Internet

A few weeks ago, I did a post here discussing the possibility of taking golf broadcasting exclusively to cable in light of the BCS/ESPN deal. I also speculated about the possibilities of increasing the amount of pro golf events streamed live online and even the creation of a second Golf Channel. I spoke with Gil Kerr, Senior Vice President, Broadcasting, Programming & Productions for the PGA Tour, about those topics.

Blogpoll Week Seven - CBSSports.com

It occurs to me sometimes that I'm not going to get links off this thing unless I'm either boring or a complete loonie. By being reasonable - I wonder - am I hurting myself? Think about your media types - they're all that way - complete loonies, whether on this side or that. Look at your group of friends - someone is a loonie. If you can't figure out who that is, it's probably you.

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