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BOTC Podcast with David Ubben

ESPN's Big 12 blogger, David Ubben, joined the BOTC podcast. The discussion was precipitated by the smooth sounds of P.O.D., and it went downhill from there.

K-State Slate: 9.30.11

It's weekend time at the Slate. Today, defense gets its biggest test of the year against Baylor, KU recruited RGIII (but Prince didn't), Butler says B. Brown is still with K-State, and more 2011 conference realignment.

K-State Slate: 9.21.11

The Slate is celebrating the Big 12's survival. Today, Bryce Brown speeding toward Miami, K-State press conference, the EMAW/EPAW debate continues, and the Big 12 will survive conference realignment once again.

K-State Slate: 9.2.11

It's football eve here at the Slate. Today, Voelker provides depth for defensive line, Brown brothers hope to click at K-State, Spencer Hall's 100 thoughts on the CFB season, Mizzou is committed to the Big 12, and Bruce Feldman leaves ESPN for CBS.

K-State Slate: 4.29.11

It's Friday, but the Slate isn't feeling it just yet. Today, the Brown brothers are driving interest in the K-State spring game, Bat Cats travel to Stillwater, K-State on the right side of baseball's bubble, The Octagon is overflowing.

K-State Slate: 4.26.11

The Slate is happy it's quieter in Manhattan than it is in Columbus. Today, Bryce Brown as the coming attraction, pop bottle bombs on campus (seriously?), Ohio State and Jim Tressel are in hot water, and the Fiesta Bowl will be judged by a jury of its cronies.

Brown and Family Still Seeking Release From Scholarship

Dooley's third requirement to be released: "Number three, how they handle it as a professional." I'm not sure he realizes he's actual coaching amateurs, not professionals. Kds, mostly immature, between the ages of the 18-21 for the most part, do not conduct themselves as "professionals." They conduct themselves as kids, oddly enough. In other news, Derek Dooley is still a d-bag.

Guess Who's On the Roster?

I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with Ryce Rown.

K-State Link Update

A smattering of K-State links. The quarterback race, Bryce Brown wants to transfer (but Derek Dooley won't let him), and more on the Ron Prince lawsuit.

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