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While Realignment Rumors Spread, Remember That Fans Don't Make the Decisions


Texas A&M fans think the SEC is the promised land. Texas fans think they don't need the rest of the Big 12. They're both wrong.

No high-school games, limits on conference games on LHN


Big 12 athletic directors voted to ban broadcasts of high-school games on the LHN for one year while the NCAA figures out what it wants to do with school- and conference-specific networks. Additionally, conference games can only be broadcast by LHN if the opposing school agrees and LHN (or UT) compensates that school.

Waxing Shakespearean on 59 to 7


Why not wax Shakespearean on my Wildcats 59 to 7 destruction of KU?

Bring On The Predictions!


It's time to put our K-State/KU predictions out there for you to marvel at or scorn, depending upon your perspective.

The Dominoes Are About To Fall. Where Will K-State End Up?


Storm clouds swirl around the Big 12, and K-State and others don't appear to have a shelter to ride them out. Will the storm blow over, or will the Wildcats be left alone in the wilderness by...

Is the ACC's new TV deal a positive sign for the Big 12?


How could the ACC's new TV contract affect the Big 12's future? BOTC has its take.

Today's Developments: What I Think We Know


Denials are flying around a Kansas City radio station's report today that Missouri and Nebraska have been offered Big 10 membership. BOTC has its take.

Big 12, Pac-10 look at alliance


For the Dan Beebe haters, does this qualify as "doing something?" H/T Father Pan

We expanded for TV sets, right?


The two crown jewel TV markets delivered by the old Southwest Conference when the Big 8 expanded were Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth. While the linked survey doesn't examine the market share and rating delivered by those markets during regular-season games, it does indicate those two cities don't really give a damn about major sporting events involving Big 12 schools north of the Red River. In the last year, Oklahoma played for the BCS National Title, and KU played for the NCAA basketball national title. Out of the top 56 Nielsen TV markets, Houston could only manage to finish 26th and 37th for those events, respectively. The above link doesn't give D/FW's specific finish for those two events, but the stats appear to indicate the metroplex consistently finished in the middle of the pack. Meanwhile, old Big 8 markets such as Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Tulsa delivered big market shares for both the NCAA basketball final and the BCS National Title Game. And before the inevitable "home team" argument gets brought up, I'll be happy to point out that OKC and Tulsa delivered big numbers for the NCAA Tournament final, too. In total, Oklahoma City finished 25th, Kansas City was tied for 26th, and Tulsa was tied for 29th. Meanwhile, D/FW was 44th and Houston was dead-ass last at 56th. (Hat tip: Tim Griffin)

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