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Video: Big XII Roundup


West Virginia proved they have the offense for a shootout but can they win the Big XII with their defense? Texas will host the Mountaineers this weekend and possibly give us the answer to that...

Postgame Reaction: Missouri State

K-State beat Missouri State, 51-9, on Saturday. The rest of the Big 12 also got off to a good start, with the league standing 9-0 after the first week.

K-State Slate: 4.2.12


The Slate is staggering into the Bruce Weber era. Today, remembering MU's Frank Haith hire, K-State hires Bruce Weber, Bat Cats drop series to Oklahoma, and the Big 12 roundup.

K-State Slate: 3.19.12


The Slate has a rough day in store. Today, K-State falls to Syracuse, Jamar Samuels suspended for final game, K-State women beat Princeton and advance to face UConn, the Big 12 roundup, and the new...

K-State Slate: 3.9.12


The Slate won't have a weekend. Today, K-State loses to Baylor in Big 12 Tournament, Wildcat women beat Iowa State to advance in Kansas City, and the Big 12 roundup.

K-State Slate: 3.8.12


The Slate is ready for the games. Today, K-State prepares for Baylor, SB Nation Bracketology has K-State on the 8 line, K-State women's basketball needs a win against Iowa State, and the Big 12...

K-State Slate: 3.5.12


The Slate's back for more at the fun factory. Today, K-State rolls Oklahoma State in Jamar Samuels and Victor Ojeleye's last game in Manhattan, Big 12 postseason basketball awards announced,...

K-State Slate: 3.1.12


The Slate was almost there. Today, when Jamar Samuels gets double-doubles K-State wins, K-State women blown out by Iowa State, Big 12 roundup, Missouri's journalists are the worst.

K-State Slate: 2.20.12


The Slate will be a traveling fool. Today, K-State gets crucial win at Baylor, K-State women rout Texas, Bat Cats get season-opening win, and the Big 12 basketball roundup.

K-State Slate: 2.13.12


The Slate is snowy. Today, K-State collapses against Texas in the second half, K-State prepares for home game against KU, K-State women's team beats KU in slugfest, and the Big 12 roundup.

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