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RealGM Article comparing Frank Martin and Bruce Weber

Pretty interesting article over at RealGM.com analyzing the differences between Bruce Weber and Frank Martin in how their freshman players performed, how their transfers performed, and how their players improves through their careers. Similar to the analysis that was done here on BotC, but hits some points that weren't covered while supporting some others that were.


Open Game Thread: Emporia State at Kansas State

Emporia State @ Kansas State Open Game Thread.

K-State picked to finish 4th in Preseason Coaches Poll

No real surprises here - maybe except Baylor dropping off a little. Hey Frank, can you live up to and exceed expectations?

K-State Is Now Russia In the College Sports Arms Race

...or so says Jason Whitlock. There are a lot of things I've seen in my life that I never thought I'd see. The Berlin Wall falling. Missouri coming within one game of playing for a national...

Bill Walker: What will he do?

I am now down to one final exam remaining, but while the end is so near, it's still so far away.  As such, I don't have enough time to put up a full post, although I will note that K-State beat...

Thank You, Mike

At this point, there isn't a whole lot left to be said.  All year long I've sung the praises of the player I believe to be the best in the college ranks.  So as I said to B-Easy when I got his...

Looks Like He's Leaving

The Wichita Eagle and the KC Star are reporting that Michael Beasley will turn pro.  The Eagle bases the report on an unidentified source, while the Star quotes Beasley's former AAU coach, Curtis...

Final Thoughts from San Antonio

I'm back but not yet fully rested from a long but awesome weekend in San Antonio.  I once told a friend of mine from SA that her town was a third-world country, but that observation was dead wrong.-...

Sean Sutton Out at Oklahoma State

It appears Sean Sutton will resign from his head coaching position at Oklahoma State.No word yet on a successor, but I think we all know who the prime target is going to be.

Very Quick Update

I had a safe-but-exhausting return trip to the south today, so I'm not in any position to put up a post reacting to yesterday's events.  As a preview to my full reaction, I think Brian Butch should...

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