K-State Slate: 1.10.14


Some actual football content, getting ready for the Jayhawks, and a dose of the National.

The National: History Achieved


For forty years, college football has been fractured into multiple levels of competition. Something happened this year that's never happened before.

Bowl FEPO: Part Five


Jon and Ahearn wrap up the season with their picks for the year's final six bowl games.

Bowl FEPO: Part Three


Jon and Ahearn work their way through to the end of 2013, picking the eight bowls leading up to the ball dropping on Tuesday night.

Saturday Footbaw Fun Times Preview/Open Thread


The bowl season gets underway, and two national championships are determined.

Bowl FEPO: Part One


Jon and Ahearn take you through the first twenty percent -- roughly, anyway -- of bowl season.

K-State Slate: 12.19.13


Football randomness, and a dose of the National for your Thursday boredom relief needs.

Go Service! Beat Service!


It's a quiet weekend, with only two televised football games today unless you have the mythical wonder of ESPN3.

K-State Slate/The National: 12.12.13


Jon cures SloWednewsday by tossing you a dose of The National, and Ryan Mueller just wants to make Bill Snyder happy.

Final Regular Season Polls: Sooners Leap


It looks like the voters are totally on board with an Oklahoma-Alabama Sugar Bowl, because they sure filled out their ballots to accomodate it.

Championship Saturday: The Aftermath


Oklahoma State stumbled, Ohio State folded, and the landscape altered. Jon breaks down the BCS picture and the Big 12's options.

Championship Saturday


Your guide to what's what, when, and where on College Football's final full Saturday of 2013. NO! NOOOO! FOOTBALL DON'T LEEEEEAVE UUUUUS!

K-State Slate: 12.5.13


Bowl swooning, schedule changing, and #SECBasketballFever strikes Manhattan. Also, THE RETURN OF THE NATIONAL. (Sort of.)

Tuesday FEPO: Titles, titles everywhere!


Almost every game matters this weekend as conference titles are up for grabs in championships and crucial regular season finales. Let Jon and AA guide the way.

Wednesday FEPO: The Undercard


Jon digs deep into the well of Rivalry Week for five more games of interest and challenges Ahearn to keep up.

Tuesday FEPO: Give thanks for football


Ahearn looks to take the next step in his improbable comeback as he and Jon make picks on a tasty set of games over Thanksgiving weekend.

Wednesday FEPO: Scraping the Barrel.


Jon somehow manages to find five more games which aren't horrible to test Ahearn with. Barely. Arguably.

Tuesday FEPO: Titles on the line


Conference championship races are wrapping up, with no games more important than the one down in Stillwater.

Wednesday FEPO: Top of the Scale.


In a stunning turn of events, instead of picking lots of really weird games Jon goes straight to the BCS top five.

Tuesday FEPO: Legitimacy in question


Ahearn and Jon decide whether some "good" teams are for real, or just pretenders ready to implode late in the season.

Wednesday FEPO: Bridgewater Over-Troubled?


It's Wednesday, so it must be time for Jon to torment Ahearn Alley. Five more picks, including the annual SEC Game of the Millennium and a shoutout to those pesky Gophers.

Tuesday FEPO: Clear your Thursday night


Jon and Ahearn Alley predict what will happen when Baylor and Oregon face perhaps their toughest tests yet on what could be a highly entertaining Thursday night.

Wednesday FEPO: Four Nights of Footbaw.


Starting tonight, there's college football galore: games Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before the usual Saturday cornucopia. Jon and Ahearn drop knowledge.

Wednesday FEPO: The Turlet Bole.


Jon challenges Ahearn to another round of picks, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Tuesday FEPO: Testing the undefeateds


A somewhat dangerous slate of games lies ahead this weekend for college football's remaining undefeated teams, which still includes unlikely candidates Missouri and Texas Tech.

Wednesday FEPO: She Canna Take Annamore, Captain.


Jon looks at the most ridiculous lines on the board, and challenges Ahearn to figure out which ones are legit.

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