Daniel Sams: The Interview Outtakes

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the week, Derek posted his story on the interview with Daniel Sams. Read that first, then, enjoy these extra bits and pieces that didn't quite make the cut for the final post.

DSmith: What was the process like for getting your release? Was it smooth?

DSams: Yeah. I could say that. They have the seven day rule and I got my answer in seven days. I thought it went over pretty smooth. The hardest part was having the one-on-one meetings with Coach Snyder. Just talking to each other we couldn’t believe what the topic was about.

DSmith: After your college career ends, what do you hope to do? Do you see yourself in the NFL?

DSams: I mean, that’s my ultimate goal, but it’s not something I bank on. I’m not just sitting around waiting to go pro, but of course that’s a goal of mine.

DSmith: In your three years at K-State, you really got to see it all. Looking back, what are some of your favorite moments?

DSams: It would definitely have to be the Big 12 Championship. You know, [Collin Klein’s] last time playing on that field and getting to hold that trophy up. That’s a good memory. But just the locker room. The locker room and my teammates. Just being us. I got a lot of memories that I know I’ll miss. Just the small stuff like that, man.

DSmith: What’s the story behind the high-step that you do sometimes?

DSams: I actually took that from Tavon Austin. Coming out of high school I was watching his highlights and I’d seen him do it. It just hesitates the tackler. Once you stop, he stops, then you can take off or cut back or whatever you want to do, he’s got to react to you. You can do whatever you want to do after [the defender] stops, so that’s why I like it. [Tavon] used it a lot but I can actually put my legs higher than his.

DSmith: It seems like you just lose it when you’re running. Like you don’t even worry about injuries or anything.

DSams: That’s exactly what it is, bro.

DSmith: Tell me about the run for the first down against TCU. If you know which one I mean.

DSams: I know exactly what you mean, bro. That was another ‘just happened’ moment. I didn’t think about it or nothing. It just happened.

DSmith: It’s almost like your brain doesn’t even tell your body to do it. It just does it on it’s own.

DSams: Yeah. It just goes.

DSmith: If you had to pick just one play that really sticks out, what would it be?

DSams: It’d have to be the TCU first down, man. Just the energy in that game. The situations. That game was perfect. The way we won it. The field goal. It was 3rd and 11 and I just ran it. I remember where the first down marker was and like I said, I just took off.

DSmith: Do you have any idea where you’re going to go?

DSams: I don’t have any idea. I still want to get home and talk to my family face-to-face and see what they think. I mean, I got a couple schools hitting me up right now but I have no idea what I’m gonna do.

DSmith: Whatever you decide, let us know so we can keep track and see how you’re doing.

DSams: Yeah, man. Thanks. I appreciate that.

DSmith: No matter what, you made yourself a big part of this family when you were here, and that’s not going to go away.

DSams: Well, I want everybody to know that it’s mutual. It was a hard decision because I love these fans, I love my teammates, just this whole community. I just had to get home.

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