K-State Slate: 12.28.13 - Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Special

Look, it's Mark Krause! - Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Here we go, Wildcats. Tonight's the big night, and we'll get you kicked off with all the Bowl Eve coverage.

Previously on BotC: Ahearn introduces us to Jevon Thomas.

Previously, elsewhere: My final Q&A of the football season, with Eric Rutter of The M Block.

Today on BotC: Open threads galore. We'll have an open thread at 10am for today's other bowls, game threads for both the Tulane game and the bowl game, and of course we'll have recaps.


Basic previews: Star, Detroit Free Press.

Predictions from the enemy: All three Free Press writers see a K-State victory, by an average of eight points. The outlook's much the same at the Detroit News, with their three writers reaching a consensus on a touchdown win for the Cats.

From Ken Corbitt: Ken looks at the challenge of facing a complete unknown at quarterback, and provides a news and notes piece including a talk with redshirt junior Cody Harrison, who's only stepped foot on the field three times in his career in Manhattan and will be ending his career tonight.

Kevin Haskin takes a peek under the hood of K-State's special teams.

Kellis Robinett focuses on Michigan TE Devin Funchess and the problems he presents, discusses the career of Blake Slaughter, and also has notes.

Arne Green spoke with some of K-State's walk-on leaders about the walk-ons we haven't really seen yet.

Sean Keeler of FOX goes over K-State's returning talent for next season.

A couple of items from K-State Sports Extra: Ryan Mueller and Bill Snyder had -- wait for it -- FUN with one another at media day on Thursday. The team spent Christmas afternoon at an arcade before having a big dinner together.

And there are a couple of long-time Michigan folks whose careers will be ending tonight. Equipment Manager Jon Falk is retiring after a nearly 40-year career which started when he was hired by Bo Schembechler in 1974, and Michigan radio play-by-play voice Frank Beckmann is hanging up the headset after 33 years calling the Wolverines' exploits.


Robinett on Jevon Thomas's probable debut.

The Star's preview of the Tulane contest, and game info from K-State Sports.

Also, the women play North Carolina State tonight in their final test before conference play begins.

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