K-State Slate: 6.27.14 - May the odds be ever in your favor

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It may be Friday, but there's no respite from the summer sports doldrums...


Without further ado...

BracketCat's countdown rolls on, with #65 Matt Kleinsorge.

Meanwhile, our very own Ahearn Alley has an up close and personal account of the World Cup from Brasil, and our fearless leader recaps the #USMNT game against Germany.




 As noted in the comments to yesterday's Slate, Marcus Foster will be one of only 12 guards from across the country in the Nike Guards Academy. He's in fairly selective company, and will get some excellent training from current NBA coaches and players. 



 The national media has picked up the story of Collin Klein's return to K-State. Here's the piece from FOXSports and a similar story at NBCSports (from a writer who thinks Klein worked out as a tight end at the combines).

ESPN has a nice breakdown of various stadium renovation/expansion projects throughout the Big 12.  Every team is in the process of some sort of upgrade, which seems like a good sign for the future of the conference.

This article reminds the world not to bet against Bill Snyder, and also takes a sideswipe at Charlie Weis.



Pole vaulter Kyle Wait has been named a first team Academic All-American. He is one of only two Big 12 athletes to make the list, and only one of seven Wildcats to be so honored in the past decade.




 K-State recruit Bryna Vogel won the Lynette Woodard Female Athlete of the Year award this week. She is part of one of the best recruiting classes in the country, and is already on campus, practicing with the team and attending classes.




Today is the final day of the O'Bannon trial, or at least it's the original deadline set by Judge Wilken. ESPN summarizes the main issues and terms used in the trial so far. Fan zeitgeist suggests the NCAA has thrown in the towel, especially because the NCAA did such a poor job of explaining its own organizational structure to the judge that she was utterly baffled (or at least underwhelmed) by the explanation.

Oh, and SB Nation got a shout out too!

Bill Connelly has turned his sharp eye to the Big 12. So far, he's previewed Iowa State and Kansas.

Is the run-heavy offense dead in college football? This is a look at recruiting and draft trends for running backs with specific reference to Alabama, which at least implies that the Big 12-style offenses are here to stay and the trend is spreading over the country.


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