The Big 12 wants its fans to take pride in the new conference logo by displaying custom-made cover photos on social media profiles. But some of the team slogans were just plain silly. BOTC is here...

The New Big 12 is going to win all of your Pogs


Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby is so proud of the new conference logo. We should let him enjoy it. After all, the poor man is absolutely terrified of Y2K.

It Could Happen to You


In which Jon briefly outlines a fairy tale with a terrible ending.

Cyclone student section greets Marcus Smart with an epic flop


Coordinated effort by Cyclone Alley to say hello to our favorite flopper. H/T @pokesportal for getting the screencap.

The true(ish) origin of Fake Patty's Day


If you've ever wondered, and I think you just may, About events that brought on the Fake Patty's Day Then click here and read this. You'll have a good time As long as you don't mind reading in...

BotC's 2013 "Don't You Have Work to Do?" Awards


You people need to settle down. (No, really, don't.)

Translating Bill Snyder at Big 12 Media Days


Sometimes it's hard to glean anything useful from what Bill Snyder says to the media. Don't worry. I'm here to help.

K-State Slate: 4.1.13


baseball, basketball, equestrian, tennis and track.

Q&A with Bye


I got the chance to sit down with Saturday's opponent, Bye, for what I found to be an entertaining and insightful interview.

NFL draft open thread and past KSU draftees


If David Garrett and/or Tysyn Hartman get drafted tomorrow to extend K-State's incredible 18-year streak of having at least one draftee, it's not going to be based purely on their talent. Sure,...

A Kansas State Christmas List


I'm not going to waste my writing talents previewing a team that lost to Ohio Dominican. Sorry. That's what interns are for (I kid, but seriously, if anybody else wants to write something up, then...

Farmageddon 3: Farm With a Vengeance


Look, people, I'll make this short and sweet... Tomorrow, Kansas State faces Iowa State in a game that may decide whether or not K-State receives a share of the Big 12 title and/or a bid to a BCS...

"Ask A Pan" (Vol. 2)


Friends, Romans, Wildcats fans. I have come back to answer yet another round of questions from our beloved community and give you my best answers to their most pressing questions. As you noticed...

"Ask a Pan" (Vol. 1)


Ask A Pan (Vol. 1) - BOTC Editor, Panjandrum, answers questions submitted via email and Twitter

A Quick Primer for the Big 12 Tournament


A Quick Primer for the Big 12 Tournament

If I were hired as the Head Coach tomorrow...


This would be the first thing that happened on Monday morning at the Vanier Sports Complex. "Hi.  Who's your best recruit?" Cosh gets his at 0:43. Coach Snyder, the waters need to get calm. ...

The Name Game: Propose Names for the Big 10's Divisions


The Big 10 got fleeced by its marketing firm with the crappy suggestions for names. But never fear, we'll have a contest to help them out.

ESPN Hates America


Tomorrow, third-ranked Kansas State will play twenty-second ranked Virginia Tech in one of the most anticipated match-ups of ESPN's 'Twenty-four Tip Off Marathon". Normally, you would expect a...

Chris Cosh: Man, Myth and Leader of Men


Motivating men.  Since the dawn of time, when the first man stood in front of a group of men and said, "Uh, who's gonna go get the food?" human beings have yearned for leaders.  Men of strength. ...

Epilogue: KSU vs. KU (In regards to "The Gridiron, episode 6"


Epilogue: KSU vs. KU (In regards to "The Gridiron, episode 6"

All Your Goalposts Are Belong to Us


In one of my favorite memories, KSU fans storm the field at Memorial Stadium after a win...and tear down KU's goalposts. Nothing says, "We don't give a shit about football," like allowing another...

Farmageddon: It's Here!


Everything in this world has just been a prelude to today.  No matter what your religious preference is or isn't, whatever you believe the world was created for, well, all of that is answered...

Farmageddon: 1 Day


There are a lot of folks out there who want to poke fun at Farmageddon.  I can see their point. Is it a completely manufactured rivalry concocted by people trying to make a quick buck?  Yes. Are...

Farmageddon: 2 Days


Can you feel the anticipation?  It's so hot and sticky that you might mistake it for a bad case of swamp ass. I can't think of a better metaphor for what's about to go down on Saturday than what...

Farmageddon: 3 Days


Being the super plugged-in guy I am, I have a tidbit on the halftime show for Farmageddon this weekend. Because the environment at Monday night's Chiefs game was so electric, the good folks who...

Guide to Nebraska for Big 10 Fans


Nebraska and Big 10 fans just love each other right now. But as BOTC explains, the love won't last.

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