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K-State Slate: 3.2.12


The Slate made it to Friday. Today, Jamar Samuels and Victor Ojeleye prepare for senior day, K-State needs a win and Texas loss to guarantee the five seed, kicked ball knocks referee into...

K-State Slate: 3.1.12


The Slate was almost there. Today, when Jamar Samuels gets double-doubles K-State wins, K-State women blown out by Iowa State, Big 12 roundup, Missouri's journalists are the worst.

K-State Slate: 2.29.12


The Slate is so close now. Today, K-State beats Texas A&M behind McGruder's 26 points, Missouri and Texas A&M pay $12.4 million to leave Big 12, conference basketball tournament rooting guide, and...


Open Game Thread: K-State vs. Texas A&M

Join BOTC's open game thread for the K-State/Texas A&M game. It's like having all your friends over for the game, but not having to buy them beer.

Texas A&M preview: Is it March yet?


A very unpredictable, frustrating, and at times downright inexplicable month of Kansas State basketball finally ends tomorrow night, and I for one am just ready to let the postseason get started...

K-State Slate: 2.28.12


The Slate may have choices to make. Today, K-State travels to College Station, the Big 12 roundup, college sports TV viewership, Dick Ebersol rumored for Big 12 commissioner, Marcus Morris and...


To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Last year, coach Frank Martin banned his team from using Twitter. This year, Martin himself is a rather frequent user of the social media site, often posting motivational quotes or responding to...

BIG 12 OUTLOOK: 02.27.12


BIG 12 OUTLOOK combines several predictive systems in an attempt to project the final men's basketball standings and the seed order for the Big 12 Tournament. It is updated biweekly. This is the...

RPI WATCH: 2/27/12


In which Alabama returns to the land of the living even as West Virginia ventures closer to the night of the living dead.

K-State Slate: 2.27.12


The Slate is getting an early start. Today, K-State loses to Iowa State, Wildcat women lose at Missouri, Bat Cats go 1-2 in San Diego, K-State sweeps high jump at Big 12 indoor track and field...

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