BotC Dynasty Week 4 and 5

Programing note: Due to the amount of time these recaps take, and how quickly we are moving through the season so far, Pervis and I will be writing recaps/previews every two weeks from here on out. We pick it up recaping the last 3 weeks and previewing weeks 4 and 5.

We start this precap (preview/recap) with some house keeping/gaming conduct review:

With new users to the Dynasty I thought it would be a good idea to review the conduct standards for user vs user games since we have a ton coming up soon.

User-User Gameplay Conduct

· Most important rule is be respectful. We are all here to have fun and enjoy some extended BOTC camaraderie. If it’s the 4th quarter and you are up by more than 3 TD’s do not throw deep bombs. If you are up 4 TD’s in the 3rd quarter do not throw deep bombs. Most of this is common sense stuff, and we have all played with the asshole online who continues to chuck it deep even though they are blowing you out.

· Below are some simple examples of fair play. Obviously there are others, and the best rule to live by is: if someone else did this to you would you be upset

· Only go for it on 4th down in realistic situations:
---a) It is 4th and 2 or less AND you are past the 50 yard line
---b) It is the final 30 seconds of the first half AND you are past your own 30 yard line.

· Only attempt 2pt conversions in realistic situations (3, 7 or 8 points striking distance, 3 or 7 point leads):
---a) The 2pt conversion will bring the difference between scores to a full score, ie:
-------i) After scoring a TD you are down by 5 and the 2pt conversion will bring you within 3.
-------ii) After scoring a TD you are up by 5 and the 2pt conversion will increase your lead to a TD and XP.
-------iii) Other similar variations on the scenarios outlined above.

· 4th quarter is fair game regarding going for 2 and going for it on 4th down, with two exception. If you are winning by more than 2 TD’s you cannot go for it on 4th down and you cannot go for 2 unless it becomes a 1 score game. Also, if it is clear you are going to win the game (up 2 scores withing a minute or less remaining) you cannot go for it on 4th down, or run up the score.

Now that the boring, stodgy stuff is out there for review lets head to the fun stuff, here's Pervis with the recaps:

Recaps for the past three weeks brought to you by Mr. Traveling Circus.

And we're back. EMAW and Pervis tag team this post bringing you recaps and previews galore. Seeing that three whole weeks have already been completed, it is going to be somewhat of a marathon post. So grab your water bottle, head band, and make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position, because you are in for a long haul. Or just skip down to the comments to schedule your next game. It is a free country, you know.

Inspired by my Taco Bell lunch and feeling the need to diverge from all those boring, stuffy English words, I sprinkled some Spanish vocabulary in there. Don't be overwhelmed.


Not much action to speak of.

South Carolina vs. #15 Mississippi State (EMAW'S brother)

The Bulldogs' SEC welcome home party went better than many anticipated. After weeks of ESPN excrement spewing about how the Big 12 had weakened them, Vegas had South Carolina favored by 56 points, despite Mississippi State's #15 ranking and South Carolina's lack thereof. Blood still boiling from these injustices, the Bulldogs came out guns drawn and firing without inhibition. Newly minted Bulldog QB Alexis Cooper threw for 345 and three TDs, all to two people. His three interceptions went to others who have no relation to the Mississippi State football team. Bulldongs 35, Gamecocks 10.

The U vs. Northwestern (EMAW's friend)

The odds of all users going undefeated is impossible. This game serves to clear any doubts you had about that once and for all. One of our newest dynasty members fell in uninspiring fashion to the 'Canes of very Southern Florida. Unacclimated the heat and extreme humidity that the tropical storms brought to Chicago, Northwestern QB Tim Carpenter's sweaty hands lofted the ball directly into defenders' arms four times, including one that went 86 yards for a score. Our purple Wildcat counterparts fell at home 21-7.

Boise State vs. #11 Baylor (JT)

Blame it on the ugly uniforms, blame it on the championship hangover, but Justin Kirkpatrick and squad stumbled a bit out of the gates this year. Boise State gave the Bears everything they could handle, out gaining the Bears through the air and making this one tight until the very end. After the Broncos scored their final touchdown with 2:36 left in the fourth quarter to put them up 31-28, Justin Kirkpatrick had no choice but to put his three previous interceptions behind him and heroically lead his team on a game winning touchdown drive. Boise State got the ball back with half a minute left, threw a pick, and Baylor scored again leaving the Broncos far too little time to salvage their valiant effort. Bears win 42-31.

Player of the Week: Keith Brown, HB Miss. St.; 163 yards, 2 TD


Everyone played this week. So brace yourselves for some heavy duty recapping.

Generic FCS School vs. #15 Mississippi State

Miss. St. scored 3.4 points per minute. The Howlers (awesome name, by the way) scored seven total. More astonishingly, Alexi Cooper found one shy of a handful of eligible receivers. Which is pretty incredible considering the Bulldogs' receiving logs the past two seasons. The only thing tested in this "contest" were the fans' attention spans. It mercifully ended at 68-7.

UCF (nugget) vs. #11 Baylor (JT)

Our first completed user v user matchup this season and one that garnerd 20% of "most anticipated matchup" preseason poll (tying it for first) did not live up to it's hype. Instead it ended with Baylor shaking off a nerve racking week one with a convincing 42-15 victory. Any hope the Golden Knights had of a balanced offensive attack was immediately and repeatedly crushed. Only eight yards were gained on ten attempts for a dismal 0.8 yards per carry. Meanwhile, Kirkpatrick figured he had some Heisman ground to make up as he threw and ran for 324 and 84 yards respectively. He personally accounted for 30 points.

Washington State (EMAW 4 Ever (iphone)) vs. Ole Miss (PB)

The new kid in town faced off against an Ole Miss squad looking to throw some ice on their coaches' seat, which seems to have caught a bit of a fever. What resulted was an offensive cluster-cuss with various yards gained and just as many turnovers, if you multiply by 114.25, which you should be doing anyway. Unfortunately for everyone involved, there was some uncalled for douchery on the part of a particular iphone owner, notably a two-point conversion attempt while up eleven with 2:20 left in the fourth quarter and a field goal as time expired to increase margin of victory from five to eight. Not to mention it was against a girl. Did your mother teach you nothing? So with a 50-42 victory, señor iphone earns his first BOTC dynasty victory, and first douche move of the week honor. Congratulations.

Arizona (ECAW) vs. Auburn

Butthurt over Omari Lawrence's very public refusal of their head coaching offer, Auburn came out looking like a wet cardboard box against the potent Wildcats of Arizoña (this is Spanish). The desert dwelling felines left their turnover, as well as opponents' score, boxes Tidy Cat clean while notching 35 big ones against their striped cousins. Their run-centric attack gives them one convincing win in as many tries and has them pawing on the door of the top 25.

Texas Tech (nugget's roommate) vs. #9 UCLA (Pervis)

Due to recurring internet connection problems, this ended up being a Pervis vs. computer game, advantage Pervis. Thanks to two forced turnovers by former South Central Louisiana State Mud Dog standout Bobby Boucher, including a pick six, the Bruins were able to keep Tech off the scoreboard. Matt Cassel started off his Heisman defense campaign with 187 yards and three touchdowns, but inexplicably threw three interceptions in the process. Final score: 42-0, Bruins.

Northwestern (EMAW's friend) vs. NC State

Playing in their second ACC conference game ever at 0-1, Northwestern felt the need to get their act together, tropical storms or not. Terry Carpenter's hands did not get much drier from the week before. He threw four more interceptions, then did his best to make up for the turnovers by compiling 275 yards and two total scores. Sweaty hands or not, the Wildcats came out with a historic 21-14 victory.

#20-ish Oklahoma vs. #16 Oregon State

Oregon State's stout run defense from yesteryear returns and James Bradford picked up right where he finished ripping off 158 yards and two scores, including the tie-breaking touchdown with two seconds left. Virtual Trevor Knight did everything he could to keep the Sooners in the game, throwing for four touchdowns, but apparently his best just wasn't good enough. Beavers win 35-28.

Player of the Week: It doesn't matter, everyone gets orange slices at the end of the day anyway.


We're almost done, I promise.

Arizona (ECAW) vs. TCU

The Wildcats traveled to the greater DFW area to take on a strong TCU team designed to disrupt offenses by forcing them to watch their own. Much to the Horned frogs's disappointment, both offenses started out hot scoring 34 points combined in the first half. Play drew to a screeching halt after halftime when Gary Patterson, bored of tying his own shoes over and over, tied his entire team's shoelaces into a giant trip wire he strategically placed at the line of scrimmage before every play. Arizona was unable to gain another yard on the ground until ECAW discovered the hurdle button with about a minute left. Shoeless and unable to catch up with anyone that has not already tripped, TCU's defense was hopeless in stopping Adrian Harmon during his 43 yard sprint for a touchdown. TCU scored from five yards out as time expired then converted the 2-point to bring the score to a tidy 28-21, favoring the visiting Zoñas.

UTEP vs. Washington State (iphone)

Wazzu faithful must be glad this game was played in quarters instead of hockey periods. Down 24-21 after three, they suddenly awoke in the final frame amassing 28 points of offense to combine with a defensive TD and safety. Signal caller Carl Brown turned out to be the hero, chucking it for 396 and five scores, including three in that dominant fourth quarter. He also ran one in for good measure. Cougars waltz away with a flashy 58-24 victory.

#15 Mississippi State (EMAW's brother) vs. Auburn

Mississippi State's second go at SEC inter-conference play also ended well against a deflated, and still damp, Auburn squad. Defense was no priority for either team, as Mississippi State and Auburn QBs threw for 433 yards with two scores and 383 yards with four touchdowns respectively. Departed Heisman runner-up Richard Wheeler looks to not be missed as Keith Brown ran for 163 yards and a "holy poop" inducing FIVE touchdowns. Bulldogs win, 48-39.

Vanderbilt vs. Ole Miss (PB)

The Rebels moved to .500 in an encouraging effort against a lackluster Vanderbilt squad. Ole Miss beat the Commodores in every way imaginable, but that domination did not show on the scoreboard as much as one would think. Home team wins 14-10, and Jay Herron only threw one interception. Looks like all of PB's three a days and private tutor sessions with Joe Montana in the offseason paid off.

Iowa vs #16 Oregon State

Iowa rubbed some Big 10 residue all over the Beavers, creating a real chafer of a game. Both starting QB's had an even 50% completion rate, and Iowa's backup QB saw his only pass flail helplessly to the turf. Thanks to a 103 yard kick return and another big day from James Bradford, Oregon State remains undefeated in a 24-10 Big 10 cl-ass-ic.

#3 Virginia Tech vs. UCF

While watching Germany beat Brazil in the World Cup, Sean Snyder had an epiphany. He thought, "if the Germans can win with seven points, by George I can too." Completion percentages and offensive yardage be damned, he did just that pulling the upset of the young season. In fact, Virginia Tech out-gained UCF by 142%. The 147 yards of total offense that the Knights gained can be explained largely by a 33% completion rate. That would be respectable if we were talking about KU's winning percentage, but we only discuss real football in this post. Anyway, the Hokies choked down two field goals to come up just shy of averting disaster. Who's the real special teams coach now, Beamer?

Player of the Week: Keith Brown, RB Mississippi State; 20 attempts, 163 yards, 5 TD, 8.2 ypc

Preview time!

Let's not waste anytime getting to the previews!

Week 4!

#7 UCLA (Pervis) at Arizona (ECAW):

We start in the desert as the Bruins of Los Angeles (see we're keeping the spanish theme going) travel to Tuscon to take on former conference mate Arizona. Arizona is looking to prove the Mountain West is just as strong as the Pac-12, while UCLA has yet to be challenged in their quest for back to back national titles. Predicion: UCLA 35, Arizona 7

Washington State (iphone) vs Ohio:

The powderpuffs continue for the Cougars as NOT the Ohio state comes to town. Washington State looks to continue it's strong offensive and shore up some minor issues on defense as conference play is just around the corner. Predicion: WSU 56, Ohio 24

#15 Oregon State (EMAW) at San Diego State:

Oregon St travels south to San Diego to welcome the Aztecs to the Pac-12. The difficult early season tests abate for the Beavers as the Aztecs should be no match for OSU's swarming D, and efficient offense. Prediction: OSU 45, SDSU 14

#9 Baylor (JT) vs #1 Ohio State:

The game of the season so far, the Bears of Central Texas look to exact revenge on the Buckeyes for a Fiesta Bowl defeate. Even though they are ranked number 1, Ohio State should be worried about traveling down south to face a fiesty Baylor team. Prediction: BU 35, OSU 28

#14 Mississippi State (Stark90 aka my brother) at #16 Georgia:

The hits just keep on coming for Mississippi as this is the third straight conference game to start the season. The bulldogs should have no problem pulling out the victory over an over-hyped Georgia team. Which Bulldog will come out on top? Prediction: MSU 42, Georgia 24

Texas Tech (Grim aka Nugget's roommate) at #10 Texas:

Conference play starts with a bang for Tech as they travel to Austin to face the 10th ranked Longhorns. Tech looks to get back on track after a demorilizing loss to UCLA two weeks ago. Prediction: Tech 28, UT 24

Ole Miss (PB) at #21 South Carolina:

The Rebels are riding high after moving to 500 for the first time under second year head coach Ashley Beauregard, and they look for their first winning record after the game against South Carolina this week. South Carolina looks to shake of their early season conference loss to Ole Miss' in state rival Miss. St. Prediction: Ole Miss 21, South Carolina 35

#22 UCF at Virginia:

After disposing of Va Tech, UCF travels to Virginia looking to improve to 2-0 against teams residing in Virginia. UCF will need a much stronger performance from their offensive line and their QB if they hope to compete for a conference title in the ACC. Prediction: UCF 28, VA 10

Northwestern (SwaggyMC aka EMAW's friend) as North Carolina:

Giggles Magino has him team on a 2 game winning streak and looks to continue that against North Carolina. In a strange move this is the 4th conference game to start the season for Northwestern, who is already finding the ACC much more beach friendly than the frosty B1G. Prediction: NW 35, NC 21

Week 5!

Oregon St vs Bye:

Nothing to see here move along.

Arizona vs Bye:

Again, lets keep it moving folks.

Baylor vs Bye:

Seriously folks there is really nothing to see here

Miss St vs LSU:

Finally, a game, and a potentially great game at that. Mississippi St will look to take a commanding lead in the SEC race. Prediction: MSU 35, LSU 28

Northwestern vs Syracuse:

Well the ACC did the northern Wildcats no favors by scheduling 5 straight ACC games. Oh, well Giggles better bring his A game again. Prediction: NU 28, SU 30

Ole Miss vs Alabama:

Poor PB, she moves to .500 and then has to face off against South Carolina, and Alabama. Well, she's got a good shot to pull the upset of the season this week. Prediction Ole Miss 7, Bama 35

Texas Tech vs Auburn:

Auburn is just making the rounds through the user's this season, and Tech looks to capitalize on prior user's success. Prediction: Tech 42, Aub 21


UCF travels to Tallahassee to take on in-state rival, and now conference rival FSU. Looking to build off their squeaker of a victory over Virginia Tech, UCF hopes this will be the start of a run to the ACC conference title. Prediction: UCF 28, FSU 24


The Bruins head to Mormon central as they look to continue the longest current unbeaten streak in college football. Prediction: UCLA 45, BYU 0

Washington State vs Bye:

Bye is really getting around this week. You've got to be impressed with their fortitude in the face of such insurmountable odds.

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