K-State Slate: 5.23.14 - Lockett as MVP?

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The long weekend beckons...

TB's interview with John Infante is a must-read piece, and if you haven't caught outtakes from Derek Smith's interview with Daniel Sams, this is your chance.

Now onto important things, namely FOOTBAW.

Who is K-State's most indispensable player? ESPN's Jake Trotter makes the case for Tyler Lockett.  With Daniel Sams gone, however, Jake Waters may be equally indispensable, especially given the inexperience of his backup. It's going to be an interesting (and possibly nerve-wracking) season.

The College Football Hall of Fame Class of 2014 was announced yesterday. Former Chiefs great Derrick Thomas (Alabama) headlines the class, along with LaDainian Tomlinson (TCU), Shane Conlan (Penn State), Dre Bly (North Carolina State), Sterling Sharpe (South Carolina) and Joe Hamilton (Georgia Tech), among others. Former head coaches Mike Belotti (Oregon) and Jerry Moore (Appalachian State) were also named.

Notable snubs include Eric Crouch (Nebraska), Brian Bosworth (Oklahoma), and Ricky Williams (Texas). Dennis Dodd took particular exception to the exclusion of Boz:

ESPN takes a look at potential playoff contenders. K-State does not make the cut, but spawns some interesting conversation in the comments section. (Don't ask me why I was reading the comments section!)

SI continues its countdown of the 100 Things We're Most Excited For in 2014, with No. 41-60.

Finally, the New York Times blog features a piece on brain changes in college football players and the new concerns this raises for injuries and long-term neurological health. The article is based on a recent study out of the University of Tulsa and the Laureate Institute for Brain Research.

Kevin Haskin weighs in on the Leti Romero situation, noting that releasing her would be the right thing to do, and that Currie should step in and make it happen. But in view of Infante's comments, I don't think it's possible (or even reasonable) for either the university president or the athletic director to unilaterally overturn the appeal decision.

Romero's lawyer suggests she'll seek an NCAA waiver rather than pursue a lawsuit, and she'll still have to sit out the next season.

If he's the next head coach at K-State, we may have a long wait ahead of us. Brad Underwood just signed an 8-year deal with Stephen F. Austin. If his current success continues, he will almost certainly be coaching elsewhere before the new contract is up.

Sophomore pitcher Jake Matthys will be leaving K-State, according to his tweet earlier today:

Matthys was Big 12 Freshman of the Year in 2013, but has not played up to that level this season. With an ERA of 8.07 and only three saves on the season, he was bumped out of the closer role. Various tweets suggest Matthys will be moving closer to home. He's from the suburban Twin Cities, which leaves me to wonder, well, a lot of things.

A subsequent tweet from pitcher Levi MaVorhis suggests Landon Busch might be leaving as well, but I have seen no other reports on that. 

Ken Corbitt profiles new head coach Grant Robbins, who was formally introduced at a K-State luncheon yesterday. Interestingly, there's a local connection in that Robbins' wife is a K-State graduate. I wonder if that's part of Currie's recruiting MO?

Petra Niedermayerova's K-State career came to a close yesterday with a 6-2, 6-4 loss to No. 8 Jennifer Brady of UCLA at the NCAA Singles Championship. Her record at K-State, which puts her at or near the top in almost every tennis category, is stellar and she's definitely future Hall of Fame material.

A recent SB Nation Longform piece details the rise and fall of the XFL. It's an excellent read if you have the time, and if you think "He Hate Me" is still the best thing ever put on the back of a jersey.

Hwaet! In slightly more nerdtastic news (and in lieu of Fandom Friday), the much-awaited Tolkien translation of Beowulf is now on sale. I've read it (although I haven't yet read the extensive and extremely pedantic notes that follow). It's both way better and much worse than the Seamus Heaney translation.

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