This Week In Brief

It's in-state rivalry week this week, but Baylor and Texas Tech were a bit premature. We have our latest bowl eligible member in nugget, movers and shakers are about in the recruiting game, and this is our final week of regular season action.

Recruits and Such

Baylor's freshman class is stacked with offensive talent, highlighted by a pair of five star wideouts that committed this week (one of them is technically an athlete, but who are we kidding?). The only non-offensive player of the currently 12th ranked class in the nation is a two star safety. Mike Leach, is that you? Three offensive lineman pledged Baylor after impressive visits. In an attempt to match, Texas Tech signed their own five star receiver, but lost one other blue chip ball grabber, as well as a four star guard, to their bitter rivals from Waco.

Oregon State adds a four star defensive end, UCF grabs a two star DT and safety, and Arizona yielded a two star kicker.


#5 Oregon State vs. Washington

It took some mild to severe heroism, but Oregon State averted disaster and came out with the 32-28 victory against a Huskies team hungry for their first Pac-12 win of the year. Washington QB Brad Edwards, who had a career day (23/27, 383 yards, 2 TD), heaved a 44 yard TD pass as time expired in the first half to give them a 21-3 halftime lead. However, the beverages EMAW consumed during halftime woke him and his team up enough to outscore the Huskies 29-7 in the second session. One dimensional was the Beaver offense and it almost ruined their hopes for a BCS bowl berth.

#15 Mississippi State vs. Arkansas

A 316 yard, five touchdown day from Richard Wheeler was not only enough to impress Heisman voters, but put Arkansas' hopes to salvage their season to bed well before their curfew. Snowy conditions in Fayetteville didn't hinder Arkansas' passing attack (20/26, 316 yards, 2 TD), but that didn't make up for a lack of run defense. Bulldogs win, 52-23.

Arizona vs. #10 Oregon

It was a sad day for ECAW, as he saw his hopes for a Pac-12 championship berth wither before his eyes. Arizona's D could not contain fake DeAnthony Thomas as he busted loose for 179 yards, including a 73 yard sprint for glory. C.J. Young did his best Tyler Lockett impression, hauling in 168 yards and two touchdowns for Arizona, but a poor first quarter performance and four interceptions proved to be too much to overcome for the Wildcats. A heartbreaking loss of 29-26 leaves the Wildcats desperate for some help in the Pac-12 South.

Texas Tech vs. #13 Baylor

Baylor did everything they could to ruin a quality rivalry matchup, and they ended up succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. Jeremy Roberts from Justin Kirkpatrick was the theme of the second quarter when they connected for three consecutive scores, sinking the Red Raiders' hopes. Kirkpatrick ended the day a near flawless 18/20 for 348 yards and six touchdowns. Tech ended the day throwing an equally impressive, though for the wrong reasons, seven picks and Baylor ran away with this one 70-13.

Kansas State vs. Ole Miss

PB gets a gold star this week for taking it for the team, deafening the blow of a disappointing K-State season. Five Ole Miss interceptions spoiled an early 7-0 lead and Señor Snyder responded by shoving 28 straight points down the Rebel's throats. Kick return yardage was a bright spot for Ole Miss. Unfortunately for the Rebels, returns of 59 and 55 yards came up 41 and 45 yards short. Wildcats come away victorious, 28-7.

Oklahoma State vs. UCF

One would think a matchup of two teams desperate for bowl survival would result in a good game. Oklahoma State didn't hold up their end of the bargain and continued their season-long trend of underachieving. In a marvelous display of knees-bent-running-about-advancing behavior, a 78 yard interception to touchdown opened up the scoring for the Golden Knights. Sheldon Horton threw for two more, Charlie Joseph (his name should be Carl) ran for two more, and whoever the kicker is tacked on three as time expired. UCF completes their sweep of the state of Oklahoma with a final count of 38-28, Knnnnnnnn-ights.


#2 UCLA vs. USC

Yes, I know, I dropped a ranking. Stupid Beamer Ball. Anyway, the Battle for Los Angeles gets a football makeover, but Pervis is hoping the game isn't any better than the movie was. Matt Cassel faces his alma mater, looking to extract revenge for the whole Matt Leinart situation. Yes, this is legal. A reasonable level of focus should get the Bruins past their final test until championship week. Will the Trojans finally play up to their talent level? Since when do they call USC's stadium the Grand Old Lady? Find out these answers and more below. One of them at least.

#4 Oregon State vs. #8 Oregon

Fresh off of downgrading Arizona's championship hopes to doubtful, the Ducks look to leap-frog their mammal state inhabiting brethren for a shot at a BCS bowl. The Beavers' formidable run defense (and 4-2-5 base defense this week, hint, hint) will try and stop the third best running offense in the nation. Luckily for them, Marcus Mariota loses all hand-eye coordination when facing a man-to-man defense and blitzing at the right times will eventually slow down the run.

#12 Baylor

The Bears will rest until the Big 12 championship.

#14 Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss

I'm pretty sure since Mississippi State lost to Texas, (who will have the same conference record but worse division record) that they are out of the conference championship win or lose. That still shouldn't take away from a historically back and forth rivalry game. My prediction is that PB has been duping us into thinking she is bad at NCAA, only to tear her in-state rival a new one. I have probably been wrong before though.

Texas Tech vs. BYU

Texas Tech needs to get over their loss, and fast. It's a very simple scenario for them to contend for the Pac-12 title: win and you're in. Lose, and Arizona gets to battle UCLA (did I say that?) for the right to build a new trophy case. The matchups are favorable for Tech, but one more outbreak of the turnover bug and they can kiss their Pac-12 South title goodbye. Assuming Arizona wins, that is.

Arizona State vs. Arizona

Speaking of the devil(s), the Duel in the Desert goes south on I-10 to Tempe. The Sun Devils were putting together an underwhelming season, and the loss of their starting QB did not do them any favors. Sitting at 5-6, the continuation of their season is dependent on an upset of their in-state rivals. Sporting exactly zero wins against winning teams, they are relying almost solely on adrenaline to get them through a tough Arizona team needing a victory. Herbie picked ASU, but he is also an idiot.


The battle for directional Floridian superiority features two bowl eligible teams that have struggled for an identity this year. UCF didn't have much time for soul searching early in the year, facing all four user opponents within their first five games. USF has beaten and lost to teams they shouldn't have on several occasions. Interestingly enough, both teams allow exactly 105.9 yards rushing per game on average. I don't know what that means, but Herbie thinks it means USF will win. I'm not convinced.

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