BOTC Dynasty Week 8

Quick simple recap this week, since this stupid thing called real life is getting in the way.

Miss St (Stark90) at UCF (Nugget): The Bulldogs tore apart the Knights from Central Florida 52-14. The victory moved the Bulldogs to 5-1 (4-1), while UCF dropped to a disappointing 1-4 (0-3).

Player of the game: QB Eric Blount (Miss. St.)- A perfect 11/11 for 286 yards and 4 touchdowns.

USC at Arizona (ECAW): The Wildcats had a chance to tie the game after scoring a touchdown on the game’s final play. Alas ECAW chose to go for the win and the pass fell short causing the Trojans to escape with a 17-16 victory. The loss moves the Wildcats 1-4 (0-2).

Player of the game: True freshman QB Eric McBride (Arizona)-20/28 265 yards, 2 TDs, and 2 INTS

Ole Miss (PB) at ISU: Ole Miss couldn't build off their first victory of the year as they regressed losing to ISU 35-12. The loss drops the Rebels to 1-6 (1-4) on the season.

Player of the game: Even in the loss RB Jay McDonald (Ole Miss) was clearly the best player on the field rushing for 276 yards on 27 carries, good for an AMAZING 10.2 yards per carry average! McDonald also rushed for two touchdowns.

Washington State vs Oregon State (KSUEMAW!): Washington State came into the game as the leader in passing yards in the NCAA, and continued to bomb it all over the field throwing for 519 yards. However, this was little help to the Cougars as the Beavers dammed their rushing attack and pummeled the Cougars 56-23. The victory moves OSU to 5-0 (3-0)

Player of the game: WR Tony Collins (OSU)-4 catches for 162 yards, good for a 40.5 yard per catch average, and two touchdowns.

Cal vs UCLA (Pervis): The Bears of Los Angeles proved that they are the Kings of California in a beat down that saw UCLA destroy Cal 59-14. This win pushed UCLA to 6-0 (3-0).

Player of the game: QB Matt Cassel (UCLA)-18/29 for 356 yards, 5 touchdowns, 2 interceptions and 4 rushes for 90 yards.

KSU at Baylor (JT): KSU battled Baylor hard, but in the end they couldn't overcome a 35 point first half by the Bears, succumbing by a score of 42-35. The victory kept the Bears in the title hunt in the Big 12 moving them to 5-1 (4-1).

Player of the game: QB Justin Kirkpatrick (BU)-21/32, 399 yards, 5 touchdowns and zero interceptions.

Week 8!

No user vs user games this week, so everything should go pretty quick.

Big 12:

Baylor travels to Iowa State to take on the Cyclones. This should be an easy victory for the Bears, but you never know with those pesky corn loving Iowegians.

Kansas State heads to the sunshine state to battle UCF. UCF desperately needs a win, and the Wildcats may give them the best shot coming off such a close lose to Baylor.

Miss St. heads west to Texas in a battle that could determine who represents the Big 12 South in their title game. Miss. St. desperately needs this game as a loss would drop them two games behind Texas for the Big 12 South lead.

Ole Miss plays host to an underachieving yet still powerful LSU team. The computer did no favors to PB this year, as she plays most of her non-conference games against SEC powerhouses. Good luck PB, I think you’re going to need it.

Pac 12:

Oregon State hosts the #17 California Bears. Fresh off a thumping by the hands of UCLA, Cal looks to get back on track against the undefeated Beavers of Oregon State. Oregon State needs to win this game if it hopes to keep pace with UCLA in the Pac 12 North.

Arizona heads north to Utah to face off with the Utes. Arizona’s young freshman led team looks to get back on track with a win against a decent Utah team. This should be a great conference match up.

UCLA travels north once again to face the #22 Stanford Cardinal. Stanford has underachieved this year as many had them as a dark horse BCS title game contender. A win against a top ten UCLA team would be a big boost going into next season.

Texas Tech is on a bye this week.

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