This Week in Brief

Some teams barely stayed alive, some prospered, and others were taken down a notch in week 8.

Recruiting heats up, as EMAW proves he doesn't eff around on the trail.

It's the first week of the BCS polls. Where does your team rank? Are you ranked? The suspense is killing me.


The big news of the week is Oregon State landing the #1 overall QB. Jason Ward is a pocket passer from New Jersey who is an 81 overall, +/- 7 let's say, and will likely be the starter after sitting behind current junior Nick Craft. I must say, bravo on that one, EMAW. EMAW also picked up a pair of three star defensive players bringing his total to eight on the year and his rank second behind who else but the Longhorns of Texas.

Baylor picked up a three star kicker, Ole Miss picked up a one star FB, a three star WR signed with UCLA, and Texas Tech snatched a five star WR from Arizona and Oregon State. And in a "that would never happen in real life" moment, K-State currently in fourth place for recruiting. Which is one spot ahead of OU. I don't think that's how it's supposed to work.

Week 8 Recaps

#17 Cal vs. #8 Oregon State

Beaver's QB Reggie Jordan had his worst game of the year completing 38% of his passes and throwing three interceptions to five completions. The OSU defense took it upon themselves to make up for their counterpart's relative no-show forcing two interceptions, including one returned 88 yards for a touchdown. They weren't exactly a brick wall, but stood firm when it mattered most, allowing only nine points while giving up 321 yards. James Bradford had another excellent day rushing for 178 yards and a score for the Beavers, gaining 7.4 YPC. Oregon State wins ugly, 17-9.

#15 Mississippi State vs. #24 Texas

This game either had a pre-quarter or a fifth quarter, because there is a total of 25 minutes of time of possession and I don't think it went into OT. But that's beside the point. Mississippi State takes a backseat in the Big 12 South race with a haunting loss. If they won, they would have had a tie breaker over OU and Texas, who currently sit 1-2 in the south race. In an incredibly exciting final minute, Texas scored a touchdown with 0:57 on the clock to take a 21-14 lead. The Bulldogs sprinted down the field and scored a touchdown to tie it with 0:11 seconds left, but left just enough time for Texas to come back and kick a 41 yard field goal as time expired to sneak past Mississippi State 24-21. It was a tough break for Clanga, who could have taken complete control of the Big 12 South with a win. Instead one of the hottest teams in the nation a week ago has to hope for a some help to clinch the division title.

Interesting note: Bulldog's RE B. Brown took a snap (or a few, who knows) at QB completing his only pass for 18 yards, good for a 251.2 passer rating. Pillsbury throwboy reincarnate?

Arizona vs. Utah

Thanks to some "act of God," this game was simulated with the southern Wildcats spanking the Utes 34-21. Arizona QB had a career day throwing for 300 yards and 4 TD's... and this really shouldn't even count, so that's as far as this recap goes.

Texas Tech vs. BYE

Nothing to see here.

#8 UCLA vs. #22 Stanford

Omari Lawrence and Co. deployed a ball control offense and shut down the run game holding Stanford to 147 total yards including -1 on the ground. If it weren't for a 53 yard catch and run by Stanford's tight end, they would have been held scoreless and it would have really been embarrassing. UCLA scored on a kick off return and a pick six to go along with their four offensive touchdowns and field goal. Bruins win big in Palo Alto, 45-7.

LSU vs. Ole Miss

LSU broke out the first quarter in a flurry of touchdowns then never looked back, officially decimating Ole Miss' chances of bowl eligibility. Only two of Ole Miss' QB Jack Herron's passes hit the ground, but his five interceptions made that stat possible, along with viewers like you. Thank you. Jay McDonald had a fine day running for 117 yards and a score, but could not carry the entire offensive load. Tigers double up on the Rebels 28-14.

Kansas State vs. UCF

UCF got all they could handle from K-State QB Scott Rowe, but extracted revenge from the game in 2009 winning a shootout 49-42. Rowe completed 13 out of his 14 passes for 301 yards and three TD's - good for a 344.1 passer rating - and ran for another 109 yards and two more scores. The punters got some quality R&R sitting on the sidelines as all drives except for a UCF interception ended in a score. The losing team was never down more than eight in this thrilling see saw game. Sean shows papa Bill who's boss (yeah right) and UCF notches it's first conference win.

Baylor vs. Iowa State

The Bears continue their impressive streak upping their wins to six in a row behind the arm of Justin Kirkpatrick. Filling up box scores like a man in a pillow factory, he is currently leading the nation in passing yards, passing touchdowns, and is tied for second in interceptions. It was a close game until Baylor scored 17 in the final frame to shut down the 'Clones 27-7. Baylor's defense harassed the Iowa State QB all game allowing a 44% completion rate on 36 attempts and forcing two interceptions. Justin Kirkpatrick racked up 393 passing yards tallying three touchdowns and interceptions. Baylor sits alone for now atop the Big 12 North at 6-1 with it's lone out of conference game being a victory.

Performance of the Week: James Bradford, Oregon State: 178 yards, 7.4 YPC, TD.

Douche Move of the Week: ECAW for bailing on his game then collecting an undeserved victory thanks to the grimy hands of the computer, who gets an assist.

Number noine...number noine...number noine...number noine...

So the B(C)S rankings started this week. Only three user teams are ranked so far; UCLA at #6, Oregon State at #8, and Mississippi at #20. Baylor checks in for the first time this season at #23 in the Coaches poll, which is the one that is displayed in Dynasty Central, so that is the one that will be displayed below as well. Previews in 3...2...1...

Stanford vs. Oregon State

Stanford looks to rebound after a shelling by UCLA and Oregon State hopes to keep their momentum going against a tough Stanford team. Six prospects are visiting so good impressions are a must, as well as staying undefeated for the upcoming game of the century. Pro tip: 5-2 defense. Use it.

Kentucky vs. Mississippi State

So Kentucky is 0-7 and Clanga is pissed off. Hmmm, I wonder how this will turn out...

Arizona vs. Colorado

ECAW goes to the bizarre settlement known as Boulder looking to stampede the Buffalo and even up their conference record. Some good news for Arizona is Colorado is only slightly better at turning the ball over, with a -3 turnover differential instead of -4 for the Wildcats. That and they're terrible.

Texas Tech vs. Washington State

Texas Tech heads to the Palouse to face their former asshole coach. His move from the dead-flat plains of west Texas to the rolling plains of eastern Washington has not changed his affinity for the passing game and total disregard for the running game, ranking first and last respectively in the two. Tech should be able to plow over WSU's 121st ranked defense and stay atop the Pac 12 South.

#6 UCLA vs. #11 Oregon

In their toughest test of the season so far, the Bruins take their #1 overall defense to rowdy Autzen stadium looking to derail the 7th ranked rushing offense in the nation. Oregon got a shot in the arm last week when fake De'Anthony Thomas played his first game since some form of injury in the season opener. But Omari Lawrence ain't scurred. He's already looking up some delicious duck recipes to curb his appetite for championships.

Ole Miss...

...has a bye.

UCF vs. Old Dominion

UCF will likely have a bit of breathing room this week while playing the worst FBS team in the game. ODU apparently has a decent passing offense, but their defense is Ron Prince-esque. Which should be right up Sean's alley.

#23 Baylor vs. Kansas

HA! Herbie picked KU. But for the Big 12 North race, this is actually an intriguing game, despite the combatants. KU is lurking behind Baylor at 2-1 in conference, waiting for their place in the sun. Please, please, please don't leave this game to the computer, JT. We all know what happens when that... happens.

And now, for something completely different.

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