K-State Slate: 3.25.14

Ty Talks.

Things calm down.

Curtis took a look at a certain rumor going around.

Dan Dahlke at Fansided's Lombardi Avenue has a pre-draft Q&A with Ty Zimmerman.

A couple of interesting FCS-related items: Kurt Allen at Midwest Sports Fans asks how North Dakota State would perform in the Big 12, and offers a very sober and rational discussion on the challenges the Bison would face if they tried to move up again. Also, in a really neat what-if, The Sports Network's FCS guru Craig Haley wonders what the draft might look like if only FCS players were drafted.

FRIDAY is the deadline for early bird season tickets.

Sports Extra reviews the 2013-14 season.

Apparently, Marvin Clark wasn't as impressed with that win over Kansas as we'd hoped, as he's committed to Michigan State. Our SB Nation colleagues over at The Only Colors report on their new recruit.

Bruce Weber, Bill Self, and Gregg Marshall are still going at one another. For charity, of course. They're competing to raise money for Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

NBA.com's Scott Howard-Cooper makes the argument for Mitch Richmond's election to the Hall of Fame. (Mitch is a finalist this year.)

At noon today, Jeff Mittie faces his initial press conference as the new coach of the Wildcats. In addition to airing live on KStateHD.tv, he presser will be held at the club level of West Stadium Center, and is open to the public. A brief meet-and-greet with fans will take place immediately after.

After a brilliant week, hurling 14 scoreless innings and going 2-0, Nate Griep deservedly earned Big 12 Newcomer of the Week honors.

Today's game against Nebraska-Omaha: cancelled due to yesterday's snowfall, and will not be rescheduled. The Nebraska game on Wednesday is still going foward, for now.

School rankings? Apparently don't mean much, according to Tyler Kingkade at the Huffington Post, who (specifically) explains that even straight-A students in Kansas City are more likely deciding between KU and K-State than worrying about the US News and World Report. Missouri, not mentioned. Heh.

Want the Platte Purchase and/or Fairfax bridges? They're all yours. You just have to come get them and promise to love them like your very own children.

(We accidentally published at 1:50 am, but hey, that's just an extra five hours for you to comment, right?)

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