K-State Slate: 3.20.14

March Madness is officially here!

With the NCAA men's basketball tournament tipping off today, it's not your usual Slate of slow news. For those of you who participate in the ritualized form of torture known as bracket challenges, remember you only have till 11 AM!

SURPRISE! Jon here with an emergency edit. Yes, there's a football item today. (Gasp!) Specifically, Bill Connelly's super-duper-ultra-awesome preview of the UTEP Miners, which is relevant to us because we play them this fall, you see.

I highly recommend Ahearn Alley's short piece on Bruce Weber and how K-State has turned things around.

By now, a lot of ink has been devoted to the K-State/Kentucky matchup. But fear not, there's still more stuff. The easy #TAKES have been mostly exhausted though.

Bob Lutz attempts to make up for his faux pas with a feature on the 1951 Wildcats.

The Star has a photo gallery of the three Kansas teams arriving in St. Louis, including a photo of a cute kid holding a homemade Octagon of Doom sign. Also, KAKE has a video snippet of K-State's arrival.

Kellis Robinett notes that Bruce Weber sometimes sounds like he's been at K-State for decades.

K-State will be an underdog against Kentucky, in a reversal from last year when K-State may not have taken its underdog opponent seriously, or so says Ken Corbitt.

A Kentucky-centric blog takes a closer look at the matchup, and notes how physical K-State is.

FoxSports has power rankings for the entire field. K-State checks in at No. 29 (right behind Kentucky).

Finally, haiku for all your March Madness needs:

Kentucky (8) vs. Kansas State (9): Cal's kids are angry / K-State is no pushover / Best of the 8/9s

The Topeka Capital-Journal has video coverage on the Jeff Mittie hire. Reaction to the Mittie hire has been generally (if not overwhelmingly) positive. There's not much else to say, except that time will tell.

The BatCats' winning streak is still alive, thanks to a great pitching performance from Colton Kalmus against Air Force. Our own JT Van Gilder has the scoop, and before other media outlets and even K-State's official site ran the story. Just remember: when it comes to K-State news, you heard it here first!

The men's golf team is headed to Goodyear, Arizona for the 2014 Desert Shootout. Play begins with a shotgun start at 9 AM CST today. Although a final lineup of players has not been announced, coach Tim Norris says the last few days of practice have been encouraging.

K-State's Allison Dorau is the subject of the Big 12 Student-Athlete Spotlight feature.

Kellis Robinett writes a in-depth profile of Brad Underwood, K-State's next Stephen F. Austin's basketball coach.

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