Week four featured three user vs. user games, though for reasons unknown to me, two ended up being user vs. CPU games. Enough chattering, let's get to the recaps.

Baylor (jtarkman) at Ole Miss (PB)

This ended up being the only true user vs. user game this week, which ended victoriously for JT VanGilder's (jtark) squad. Baylor took a 21-14 lead into the locker room then ran the opening kickoff of the second half 97 yards to pay dirt. He never looked back from there, with the final score 42-28. Although this is PB's fourth loss, she seems to be making some strides. She brought the Baylor lead down to seven on three separate occasions and her second half deficit was never more than 14. In the end, jtark evened up his conference record to 1-1 and advanced to 2-1 on the year.

UCF (nugget) at #17 Oregon State (KSUEMAW!)

Nugget was unavailable to play this game, so Oregon State took it to the computer instead. This game was not as close as the final score of 48-35 indicates as Oregon State had a 41-19 lead going into the fourth quarter. UCF converted both of their two point conversions after scoring two fourteen yard touchdowns in the fourth quarter to make this game seem close. OSU running back James Bradford added a 66 yard touchdown in the fourth quarter, bringing us to our final score. Bradford finished the day with a whopping 246 yards on 19 carries with one touchdown. Quarterback Reggie Jordan for the Beavers also had a nice day throwing for 195 yards and five touchdowns to one pick. UCF scored a touchdown off of a kick return while their QB and RB added two themselves through the air and on the ground, respectfully. The three interceptions proved to be costly as Oregon State stayed undefeated at 2-0 and UCF moved to 1-1.

#16 UCLA (Pervis) at Texas Tech (GriM_Amon)

GriM_Amon was apparently having some difficulties reaching the internet. This made Pervis very angry and he beat the computer like it stole something. Tech ended up having a decent day offensively, but if not for an improbable (at best) 59 yard TD pass to the digital version of Bradley Marquez, the game would have been much worse than it was. UCLA scored 45 to Tech's 20 and Brad and Kirk saw all they needed to of Lubbock, as they were "just looking to make our flight." Tech's coaching change was apparent as they ran the ball nearly 60% of the time gaining 106 out of their 286 yards on the ground. Matt Cassel for the Bruins had an excellent day, despite a pick, throwing for two touchdowns and rushing for another. UCLA's painstakingly balanced attack of 143/137 pass/rush yards kept Tech's defense guessing and it showed in the final score. UCLA begins week cinco with it's first conference win and 3-0, Tech falls to 2-1 with a win and loss in the Pac-12.

#18 TCU at Mississippi State (stark1410)

TCU's defense did not pull through in their 31-21 loss to Mississippi State. The Bulldogs outgained TCU 438-278 and if not for TCU's two picks and fumble recovery for a touchdown, the score might have been just as ugly. Richard Wheeler (RB) and Tyler Huff (TE) both had outstanding days for Mississippi State. Wheeler ran for 187 yards on 23 carries, including three scores, and Huff caught 12 balls for 192 of MSU's 284 yards passing. The other 92 all went to wide out C. Haley who had five receptions. This ended up being a huge win for the Bulldogs as they stay in contention for the Big 12 South title at 2-1 overall and conference record.

Arizona (EveryCatAWildman) (Bye)

Performance of the Week: James Bradford, Oregon State. He had 246 rushing yards on 19, good for 12.9 yards per carry as well as a touchdown. That's a video game stat line if I have ever seen one.

Douche Move of the Week: jtarkman, did you really need to throw up a 42 yard bomb with 0:33 left when you're already up a touchdown on PB? Doing it against a girl, nonetheless. If RCT knew what football was, that might fly over there. But Bill Snyder doesn't tolerate that shit. Neither does Sean.

Week 5 Preview

Oregon State faces off against Colorado in what should be an easy game. Colorado is 1-2 with loses to their only instate rival and New Mexico of all people. They clobbered Wyoming, but that definitely wouldn't have happened if Craig Bohl came one year sooner. Herbie's going with OSU and so are seven of the eleven matchup arrows.

Mississippi State: The highest scoring offense in the nation comes to Starkville for a big early conference season tussle. OU is sporting a #9 ranking with their total offense and defense rankings even smaller than that. Not to mention they have the highest turnover differential in the land. The Bulldogs' #4 rushing defense better show up if they want a shot to win this one.

Arizona has an intriguing matchup this week with Georgia Tech. GT's prolific option attack gains more yards on the ground than anybody, but Arizona gives up the least. We'll see if Arizona can improve to 2-1 before they start conference play next week against Oregon State.

Texas Tech plays their third conference matchup this week against 2-2 Utah. Tech's balanced offensive attack and solid defense should pull through in this one at home against a below so-so Utah team

UCLA: It's a battle of acronyms as UCLA looks to remain unbeaten against 1-2 BYU. With the #1 overall defensive ranking, UCLA will look to stifle BYU's formidable rushing attack at home.

Ole Miss's schedule takes a turn for the worse this week, as they go on the road against #1 Alabama. All I can say is good luck with that one.

UCF vs. Baylor: In our only user vs. user matchup this week, Baylor looks to keep the momentum rolling and UCF tries to pick themselves back up. We'll see if "Bryce Petty" can sustain his #5 passing yardage total against the #14 passing defense in UCF. Herbie says lay off the picks, tarkman.

And now for our very own game of the week. Because the official one sucks ass.

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