K-State Slate: 2.10.14

MANCHILD. Do again tonight plz - Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas hate day. Get spun up.

Previously on BotC: As I did in 2012, I'm covering the Olympics. On top of everything else. Please send help. By which I mean "a psychiatrist".

The big news this weekend, of course, was the 24-hour news cycle that started with Marcus Smart being a punk and ended with Michael Sam being courageous. SB Nation's Outsports site broke the news about Sam, and also told the story of how Sam's journey went from decision to public announcement. Feel free to discuss, but be nice.

Leading Off: Sam Mellinger bashes the Sunflower Showdown because it's no longer a rivalry. (I think karmically this means the Wildcats will win tonight.)

Men's Basketball:

Marcus Foster is a thing, y'all:


Strangely, Gary Bedore at KUSports has a piece on the 'Cats looking back at the 2008 win.

And of course, lots of preview material for tonight:

Women's Basketball:

Ugh. Here's Kevin Hooker at the Morgantown Daily Athenaeum with pretty much all that need be said.


The BatCats will be honored during tonight's game at Bramlage, and will be around to sign autographs and such.


At the Frank Sevigne Invitational over the weekend in Lincoln, Martina Tresch was the only Wildcat to win an event, taking first in the 5k with a personal best. In New Mexico on Friday, Carlos Rodriguez won the men's 60m, Tia Gamble and Angela Hart went 1-2 in the women's 400m hurdles, Devin Field and Tyris Jefferson took first and third in the men's long jump, Erica Twiss only finished fourth in the women's long jump but did set her personal best. Alex Roe was second in the men's weight throw, while the women's event saw Sara Savatovic take the win and Dani Winters come in third. Saturday wasn't nearly was much fun; Twiss had a disappointing 6th-place finish in the women's 60m hurdles and the women's 4x400 team, which had been rolling all season, settled for third. The men's relay team, however, did come away with a win. -- Friday recap -- Saturday recap -- PDF links to full results available with the recaps.


Great weekend for the ladies, as they managed a 4-2 win over Fresno State on Friday and a 4-1 thumping of Colorado on Saturday. The team is now on a five-match winning streak, and will take their 5-1 record on the road in two weeks against North Texas and Tulsa, both matches in Tulsa.


K-State took part in a different sort of contest Saturday as a team visited Iowa State to participate in the NSA-sponsored National Cyber Defense Competiton.

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