Is playing K-State in a Bowl game a curse?

Ok, Im going to start by saying math is hard so feel free to correct any of my math!!

While driving home today I started thinking about our past bowl opponents and it occurred to me that some of them have had some really bad years after playing us. Some have almost dropped off the map. Are we a curse?

1993 Copper Bowl - Wyoming.

After playing K-State, Wymoning went 11 years without making a bowl game and have only played in 3 in the 20 years since.

1994 Aloha Bowl - Boston College

After playing K-State, BC went 4 years without a bowl and was 17-29 during that period.

1995 Holiday Bowl - Colorado State

After playing K-State, CSU missed bowls in the 96 and 98 seasons. Otherwise missed being cursed.

1996 Cotton Bowl - BYU

After playing K-State, BYU would lose its next 4 bowls over 8 seasons. They had won a conference title in 7 of the previous 8 seasons but have only won 4 in the 17 years since.

1997 Fiesta Bowl - Syracuse

After playing K-State, Syracuse went to 7 bowls in the next 16 years - two against K-State. They have had 4 coaches since then and had seasons with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 wins during that time.

1998 Alamo Bowl - Purdue

After playing K-State, Purdue lost 6 of their next 7 bowl games and has only managed to finish the year ranked in the AP poll 3 times since.

1999 Holiday Bowl - Washington

After playing K-State, Washington went on to win the Rose Bowl the next year but has only been to 6 bowls since. Coach Rick Neuheisel was accused of NCAA violation in both recruiting and gambling. Steve Sarkisian is the only coach since to have a winning record and he left for USC this year.

2000 Cotton Bowl - Tennessee

After playing K-State, Tennessee lost 5 of 8 bowl games and saw a run of 15 straight bowls come to an end in 2005. From 1977 to 2008 UT had 2 coaches - Johnny Majors and Phil Fulmer. Since then they have had 4.

2001 Insight Bowl - Syracuse. See above

2002 Holiday Bowl - Arizona State

After playing K-State, ASU has gone a respectable 3-4 in Bowls with one PAC Championship in 11 years. No curse.

Now we get into the really strange curse territory:

2003 Fiesta Bowl - Ohio State

After playing K-State, Ohio State hit both highs and lows. They would go to 7 straight BCS bowls but lose twice in the National Championship Game. Coach Jim Tressel would eventually be fired over a coverup of improper benefits and OSU received sanctions including forfeiting wins and a bowl ban.

2006 Texas Bowl - Rutgers

After playing K-State, Rutgers went on to play in 6 bowls in 7 years - 66% of all their bowl appearances - and 80% of their wins (the win over KSU being the other 20%). On the other hand their entire athletic department has been rocked by scandal and they are being sued by the AAC for exit fees. Coach Greg Schiano left for the NFL where he lasted 2 years before being fired.

2010 Pinstripe Bowl - Syracuse. See above…except after the game Coach Doug Marrone left for the NFL

2011 Cotton Bowl - Arkansas

After playing K-State, Arkansas has 1) fired their coach who was banging a member of the football staff 2) hired a guy who declared bankruptcy in season and went 4-8 with a team expected to challenge for a national championship 3) hired a guy who promptly went 3-9 and 0-8 in conference with much of the talent that was supposed to be NC capable.

2012 Fiesta Bowl - Oregon

After playing K-State, Oregon has 1) lost their coach to the NFL 2) been put on probation 3) had scholarship reduced and 4) snapped a streak of 4 straight BCS Bowls.

2013 Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl - Michigan

Still in progress. Michigan has already fired their Offensive Coordinator and is now in the midst of a scandal involving two players, a rape cover up and cover up of the cover up. Calls for firing of Coach Brady Hoke are getting louder.

If Coach Hoke survives until next season he will be the first bowl opponent coach in 3 seasons to still be the coach after playing K-State in a bowl. Four successful coaches have been fired/left town in disgrace shortly after playing KSU in a bowl game. Multiple teams have burned through coaches after previously being models of stability prior to playing K-State.

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