Fandom Friday: Growing Something

So nobody told me there was a time limit on posting comments! Sorry, but it looks like our previous Game of Thrones discussion is now closed. Consider this your invitation to talk about the previous two episodes of the show. My thoughts on various plot points so far:

1. Daenerys's Excellent Astaporian Adventure

This subplot is much more interesting on the show than in the books. Now that we're not limited to just Daenerys's thoughts on a place or situation, the plot and settings are richer and more compelling. There has never really been a moment on the show as charged with awesome as Daenerys turning Drogon and the Unsullied lose on the slave masters. I'm also really enjoying the banter between Ser Joran and Ser Barristan. In particular, I think it's fascinating that Barristan keeps trying to get Jorah to fess up, however obliquely, and Jorah gets it but refuses.

2. Robb at Harrenhal

I'm not exactly sure why Robb is at Harrenhall, but this subplot it taking an interesting (and if you've read the books, inevitable) turn. The book's version of Robb is a bit of a cipher. We only ever see him through Cat's eyes, or through Lannister eyes, and so he's a cross between a boy and a great field general. In the show, his frustration is more obvious, as is his desire to do as his father would have done, with approximately the same consequences. The Talisa problem remains though. I have no idea how the end of his plot arc will play out without involving her somehow.

3. Arya and the Brotherhood

Not exactly sure what's happening here. In the book, this is a long interlude that gives Arya a chance to regroup while getting to know Gendry, Hotpie and the others a little better. We also know that Arya is a bit of a warg and takes journeys in Nymeria's head, which allows her to "see" the devastation in the Riverlands. In the show, it's not clear she's doing more than tagging along with others in her storyline. Not enough action and she's starting to bore me a little.

4. The Wall

"You know nothing, Jon Snow" pretty much sums up my lack of interest in this subplot. The mutiny makes no sense on the show. In the books, there is a lot of buildup, so when it goes down, we're not shocked. In the show, it just comes off as the inmates taking over the asylum. Also, now the opportunity has passed, I guess we won't get Sam the Slayer at all? I haz a sad nao.

5. Everyone in King's Landing

Great, great family dynamic stuff with Tyrion, Cersei and Tywin all trying to run circies around each other. The two marriage proposals really took the wind out of Tyrion and Cersei though. I especially felt sorry for Cersei, because not only does Tywin not acknowledge her as his true philosophical heir, he basically tells her she can only contribute by being a brood mare for the family. How sad.

Margaery Tyrell has been the real surprise so far though. She's so much more fleshed out on the show, and I'm almost convinced she could make Joffrey into a good king.
6. Littlefinger and Varys

Can the whole show just be about them, please?

7. No joy like Greyjoy

Boy, that Ramsay Snow is such, bastard? Poor Theon.

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