How's the coach doing? aka the RPI watch:  3.3.13


Almost a year after Bruce Weber was hired, how is he doing?

Last season I wrote up a post to see where Coach Martin ranked in the ability to win games compared to other K-State coaches. Coach Martin finished his tenure at K-State with a winning percentage of 68.4%, which is behind Coach Gardner in his second tenure. If you calculated Coach Gardner's time as first five years (instead of pre-WWII and post WWII), Coach Martin is the coach with the best winning percentage in his first 5 years at K-State.

During last year's period of struggle and strife, aka the coaching search and hire, there was a great deal of commenting on how would Coach Weber be deemed successful. He met the first challenge by retaining all the players on the team. The second challenge is the ability to win games. I mentioned last year that he would be an acceptable coach if he met the standard set by Coach Martin and didn't lose a double digit amount of games, something Coach Martin only achieved once in his five years at K-State.

As of today Coach Weber is guaranteed to exceed that standard. The worst that the Cats can finish the season is 24-9 (72%). Similiar to the by-gone era where K-State had single digit losses each year, K-State is challenging for the conference title. I could forecast how I think the season will end, but I prefer to enjoy the moment as the Cats focus on each game.

Overall Record: 24-5

Big XII Record: 13-3

RPI: 20 -

SOS: 60

Signature Wins (RPI 1-30) : Florida, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, @Oklahoma

Quality Wins (RPI 31-100) : Iowa State, Baylor, @Baylor

Bad Losses (RPI 101 or greater) : none has the Cats as a 3 seed in the NCAA, while the Bracket Project had K-State as the 2nd four seed as of 3/2/13.

The remaining Big XII games:

3/4 Tech @ KU, Baylor @ Texas

3/5 TCU @ K-State

3/6 OSU @ ISU, WVU @ OU

3/9 KSU @ OSU, ISU @ WVU, Texas @ Tech, OU @ TCU, KU @ Baylor

As such I think the Big XII tournament is shaping up like this:

G1 3/13 6:00 pm (#8) vs (#9)

G2: 3/13 8:30 pm (#7) vs (#10)

G3: 3/14 11:30 am (#4) vs (#5)

G4: 3/14 2:00 pm (#1) vs G1 winner

G5: 3/14 6:00 pm (#2) vs G2 winner

G6: 3/14 8:30 pm (#3) vs (#6)

Yes, I made some wild predictions in my bracket but feel free to let all of us know how you see the season ending.

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